Mia- 3 months

Mia is continuing with her title of best Gallagher baby ever. She had some hefty competition in August but I think that the wisdom I’ve gained in having 4 kids has helped her to remain at the top. Why does it take 4 kids to start to “figure out” how to parent?! Not that I have anything really figured out… trust me, I have zero of my sh** together.
After 4 kiddos I feel like there are certain things that are easier… figuring out what a baby wants/needs is one of those easier things. And honestly maybe it’s not my experience at all, maybe Mia is just going to be one of those easier kids (thank you God if she is!!!). Also after having 4 kids there is so so much that is harder… I keep telling people “4 kids is a lot of kids… a lot of bottoms to wipe and mouths to feed”. And that pretty accurately describes how I feel about my life right now.
I was so completely ready to expand our family, but holy cow it’s been rough! I’ve felt completely overwhelmed on a daily basis and have had more meltdowns that I like to admit 😔. But I keep telling myself two phrases over and over (and over):
 1. “This too shall pass”. Which is both motivating and totally bittersweet… I know my kids are going to get older and more self-sufficient which I’m completely looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. Since Mia is most likely (almost 100% certainly) our last baby everything is even more bittersweet. I definitely soak up every little thing more- every diaper change isn’t so daunting because I know she will be potty trained soon enough. Every late night feed isn’t so horrible (especially because they aren’t every night!) because she will just let me sit here and snuggle afterwards which is something the “big kids” don’t do very often anymore.
2. “You can do hard things”. This quote runs through my mind day after day after day. It’s a quote by Glennon Doyle Melton (I highly recommend her two books- Carry on, Warrior and Love Warrior). This quote is applicable is just about every aspect of life. And when I say it in my mind it just motivates me to keep pushing! “Hard things” come in so many shapes and sizes and what may seem hard to me might seem like the easiest thing in the world to someone else and THATS OK!!! That’s part of the beauty of the quote… “hard things” is all completely relative to each person and where they are in their life, but we can ALL do hard things! And we all do hard things… and we all come out on the other side so much stronger! It’s one of the best parts about life in my opinion. Some days for me hard things include: getting out of bed, brushing my teeth and emptying the dishwasher…. yes, this may be silly to some but truly these things feel like mountains to climb for me on some days.
So basically 3 months with Mia has been a complete whirlwind! She’s still a pretty great nurser, eating every 4 hours or so and sleep 12 hours most nights with the occasional wake up at 4am for a feeding (and then right back into the crib she goes).  August and Mom are still her favorite people, but she will pretty much smile at anyone that interacts with her.  She’s working on rolling back to tummy, but is fairly consistently rolling tummy to back and has decent head control when being held .
Onward and upward to month 4! Maybe I’ll actually take some monthly pics next time around… maybe 😉


6 weeks

I’m definitely not committing to monthly posts this time around, but hopefully I’ll be able to post semi-regularly because I never regret writing things down!
Mia’s first 6 weeks have been a complete whirlwind! Having a baby right before Thanksgiving is a pretty wonderful thing in my opinion. Clint spent almost a full week at home before going back to work which was amazing and so so helpful. He also took Shae/August to school every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas break which was quite honestly the best thing ever! I’m not sure I would have survived those first weeks if I would have had to get up and get everyone out of the house by 8am.
First time at the Dr for a weight check at 1 week!
Things were pretty low key the first month. Mia has been a fairly easy baby from the get go which was awesome. She started sleeping from 10/11p to 4/5a almost immediately after getting home from the hospital which I will never ever take for granted. She’s had a handful of nights that we’ve been up more than that, but that’s only when she’s been congested or didn’t eat as well during the day.
Which brings me to feeding during the day- phew!  She eats every 2-3 hours during the day, usually every 2 especially in the afternoon/evening. I’m not sure any of my other babies cluster fed that much… it’s exhausting! But completely worth it too because I think that’s why she’s doing so well at night. By 7pm I’m usually sick of nursing so I’ve been pumping and bottle feeding sometime between 9-11 (depending on what we have going on). Doing that last feed as a pump/bottle feed has been SO nice!  It’s given me a little relief and allowed Clint to help out some more and also ensures she’s taking at least one bottle a day. Once we drop that “dream feed” I’ll probably stick to nursing her to sleep, but for now our routine is working so we will stick with it 😉.
Just in the past few days (a little before 6 weeks) we’ve been seeing a lot more smiles and more quiet/awake periods- Clint got his first smile out of her on his 33rd birthday, a pretty sweet gift!  I’d say she had a solid 5-7 days around 5 weeks where she was fussy most of the time when she was awake but usually a good feed remedies that for Miss Mia- she’s definitely packing on the lbs!
We celebrated Mia’s first Thanksgiving the day after getting home from the hospital so it was really low key (meaning my mom brought us leftovers home from their thanksgiving lunch). We had a real Thanksgiving dinner on the Saturday after with my side of the family and it was nice to get to celebrate a little bit, but I was ready to move on to the next holiday after that!  Mia’s first Christmas was really low key as well. We spent the majority of the day in our jammies at home and it was fantastic. The big kids loved opening their gifts from each other and from Santa, and Mia loved nursing all day by the tree- wonderful all the way around!
We have pretty much been hunkered down at home for almost 6 weeks now which is really nice when you have a newborn and a new house. I’ve ventured out here and there to Target and the grocery store, and have even managed to sneak in a few classes at Bar Method!  It’s so good for me mentally and physically to get back into the studio and I’m grateful Clint has been so supportive and helpful so that I could get back.
The 3 bigs have adjusted really well to having a baby sister. They all really love her and we’ve had so much family time/people around that I don’t think thing have been too different than they were before Mia’s birth. We will see how that all changes in the coming weeks now that the holidays are over and we are going back to the grind of “normal life”.
I’m feeling a little anxious about Clints return to work. He’s worked a couple of full weeks but has been fairly flexible with his schedule- now January is here and it’s back to reality. He has a few work trips in January so I’m sure I’ll be calling in reinforcements of family just to survive… hopefully Mia settles into a bit of a schedule and the bigs continue to rock their new roles!
Overall, our transition to a family of 6 has been nothing short of amazing. Baby #4 has been such a bittersweet thing for me.  I am truly cherishing everything because I don’t feel as clueless as I did for number 1 (and 2 and 3 🙄), yet I am hit daily with the reminder that she may be our last baby.

Mia Rose’s Birth Story

On November 20th, 2017 we welcomed Mia Rose Gallagher!  Here’s her story:

My pregnancy with Mia was definitely my easiest pregnancy yet.  I had all of the typical pregnancy complaints, but never had any major complications or concens which made the whole pregnancy go by relatively quickly.

We moved on November 1st and Mia’s due date was November 24th so I was pretty anxious for weeks leading up to the move that I was going to overdo it and either a) end up with pre-eclampsia like I did with Shae’s pregnancy or b) go into labor early and not be settled at all into the new house.  Luckily with a LOT of help from family we moved and remodeled the kitchen successfully prior to Mia’s arrival.  Thanks for staying put during that chaos baby girl!  I started having Braxton Hicks around 24 weeks this time around and definitely had a lot of regular contractions those last 2-3 weeks, but never anything that caused any changes.

When I went to my 36 week appointment on 10/31 (the day before moving day) I was at a 2cm and 75% effaced which scared me into taking it easy to ensure Mia didn’t arrive on moving day!  Little did I know I would make very little progress over the next 3 weeks.  I stopped working out at 35 weeks and that was such a hard decision because I really wanted to continue working out until the end, but I could feel my body telling me to slow down.  I’m already counting down the days I can get back to Bar Method!

This pregnancy was the first that I tested positive for group B strep which threw a little twist in my “birth plan”… why do they even talk about people making birth plans? How often do those “plans” work out?!?!  Anyways, I was hoping to just kick into labor on my own this time but since my labors have always been so fast I was really anxious about not getting to the hospital in time to get the antibiotics.  After discussing with my doctor we decided to induce on November 20th at 39.5 weeks.  Since I was planning on a medication free birth I was a little anxious about being tied up to an IV pole for the antibiotics and laboring in the hospital.

We were admitted at 7:30am on November 20th and my Dr. came by and swept my membranes around 9am and then the waiting game began.  The first round of antibiotics was in my system by about 10 so then I felt much more relaxed about baby girl being healthy after delivery- at least I had done all I could do!

I started timing my contractions around 10:30 because they were starting to pick up in intensity and frequency.  Clint and I watched some TV (something we rarely do at home!) and I tried to stay out of the bed and just paced around the delivery room for the next couple of hours… definitely not as relaxing as walking around my own house!  My Dr. came back about 12:45 to break my water and thats when things picked up.  She broke my water and for some reason at that point I decided to stay in bed and labor there for a bit… definitely a bad decision.  My labor kind of slowed and I was stuck at an 8cm (ouch!) for a little too long- really probably only 20-30 extra minutes when I look back).  My L&D RN recommended getting up and going to the bathroom which sounded like the worst thing in the entire world, but she was pretty fantastic and encouraging so off to the bathroom we went (with quite a bit of help from Clint and my nurse).  Once I made it back to the side of the bed I knew it was time to push and luckily my Dr. had been hanging around on the unit and came right in (sorry to all of her patients that were probably crazy delayed that day!).

By this point I had been having pretty intense contractions for about 2.5 hours and I was feeling exhausted and started asking what my pain med options were.  Apparently Clint was talking to the nurse behind my back telling her “she doesn’t really want meds”… and as awful as it sounds I am SO glad he knew and so glad he just helped me get through it.  I pushed for maybe a few pushes (maybe more maybe less- My head was not at all clear at that point) and got her head out and then panicked! I didn’t want to push any more which was the point that I think I remember asking the Dr to just pull her out… Instead of listening to me Dr. Carter gave me a quick pep talk and one good push later Mia Rose was here at 2:30pm!

The second it was all over I was so relieved, and beyond exhausted!  There is nothing in the world that is as sweet as holding your newborn baby for the first time.  It made all of the stress of pregnancy and labor completely worth it.

Hospital stays after having a baby are one of my favorite things so I loved every minute!!  My recovery went really well with no complications. It’s crazy to think this could be my last birth story, my last labor, my last baby!! I’m still not ready to totally comprehend that so for now I’m enjoying every single “last” with a small thought that maybe she isn’t the last after all…  (although if you ask Clint she is definitely our last and apparently it takes two to make a baby 😉)

Fixer Upper- Gallagher Style

The garage at the new house on Sunday before move-in day! So lucky they let us use the garage a few days early

We moved into our new house on Wednesday November 1st, the day after Halloween (never a good day to move for future reference!).  Luckily, the move went amazingly well thanks to movers and our awesome families.  Clint’s parents came in town from Indiana and my Mom was here all day and then siblings dropped by to help out where they could when they could.  I couldn’t really do a thing because I was focused on not going into labor so I basically directed traffic and drove the car around picking up kids and driving loads between houses.

The ONLY pic I have from move-in day! When Mitch brought over squeez-its and the kids asked what they were

Starting Thursday my wonderful inlaws began the remodeling process for us by painting the baby’s room!  It was a really lovely bright blue and we went with a subtle grey (SW Crushed Ice).  They also put up the crib and arranged the furniture, so we are pretty ready in case baby girl decides to come early!  Still have lots of little decor things I’d love to get done, along with washing all of the baby clothes, etc, but all things considered we are looking pretty good.

Baby room before (didn’t snap any during pics!). Will post after pic soon(ish)

My Mom and I worked on settling things into the new house- organizing the mudroom that is going to be our makeshift kitchen while we remodel.  And put together the master closet and master bath (including scrubbing the bath from top to bottom!) There’s just nothing quite like having your Mom close by to help out when you’re 37 weeks pregnant and feeling completely helpless- so very grateful.

My brothers company, Mitts Builders, jumped right in too!  Mitch started working on the kitchen cabinets because we are changing the hinges from exposed to hidden hinges.  The basement is set up like a mini workshop and the painters will be able to spray the cabinet doors down there to hopefully cut down on some fumes in the house.  The kids and I will likely stay out of the house the majority of next week while they paint the cabinets (SW Pure White).


Prior to close we had already bought/picked out most of the things needed for our kitchen remodel which is the first “big” project of this house.  We bought all of the appliances and had them delivered the day after move in.  Countertops are picked out and will be templated Monday of next week.  Paint colors were decided on Thursday morning with the help of Katie Zeller from Ash Drive Design (amazing!).

Best helper in training- removing old hardware prior to painting!

Clint demoed the backsplash tonight and will hopefully hang the drywall this weekend.  There is still a lot of prep work that needs to be done prior to paint on Monday so we will be hunkered down for the weekend trying to accomplish everything and then should (hopefully?!) be pretty hands off until the painters finish and the countertops are installed!  I already can’t wait to see the finished project- I hope to keep the pics and updates coming!

Glad to see the dark slate backsplash go!

Halloween 2017


Another year, another theme!  This year we did Peter Pan which turned out to be SUPER easy (thankfully!).  The kids have never even seen Peter Pan, and I tried to buy it but it was like $65 on Amazon and I definitely didn’t want it that badly.  They totally bought into the theme even with little knowledge of the movie so we ran with it.

I found August’s Captain Hook costume at our local Rhea Lana’s consignment sale this September and that was a huge win!  I made a pair of maroon fleece pants for him to wear and added a pair of Shae’s Moto boots to complete the look- done and done!


Emmett’s Peter Pan costume was super easy as well.  I pretty much only sew with fleece because you don’t have to finish the edges, and its so forgiving.  I made a pair of fleece pants and tunic and then a really simple hat out of felt and super glued a feather on.  Add Shae’s old moccasin boots and a belt- check!


Even Shae’s costume this year was relatively low key.  I bought some really stretchy fabric that I was a little worried about working with (remember- fleece only usually!) and sewed a little leotard.  I totally guessed on the pattern and accidentally made the bum just a little too skimpy- luckily you couldn’t see that part and she never complained!  Added some tights, a tulle tutu, and some wings and she was ready to go too.


Under the circumstances of life right now I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out and the kids all seemed to love their costumes!  I don’t feel like they wore them as many times this year- only 3 actually- but I think that was just because we had so many other things going on that we couldn’t attend all of our typical Halloween events 😦  Hopefully next year won’t be quite as chaotic, and hopefully I can get them to agree to a theme for at least one more year!


37 weeks!

I have clearly been horrible at blogging through my 4th pregnancy, but honestly that is because it has been pretty uneventful!  All of my other pregnancies had really weird things happen during them, but this time has been pretty smooth sailing (prayers that keeps up the next 2+ weeks!).

After all of the drama around 20 weeks I have really just tried to embrace being pregnant, because there is a good chance this is my last pregnancy.  That is such a weird concept to me so I definitely can’t say it IS my last pregnancy, but I’m thinking I’m going to feel pretty maxed out with 4 kiddos.

  I went for my 36 week check this past Tuesday, and we had an ultrasound that showed Baby G is head down (reaaaaally low) and is looking like 6+ lbs.  My fluid is on the low side so we are going to check it again next week when I go in on Monday.  The Dr. also checked me and I am dilated to a 2cm and 75% effaced.  I’m pretty sure I’m always that dilated by this point, but I never remember feeling like I was that close to going into labor after being checked. I think part of it was the anxiety of moving the next day, but I laid awake for hours that night willing my body to stop contracting and the baby to stay put for at least another week!

So here I sit at 37 weeks…  I can’t believe with Shae’s pregnancy she was here 4 days from now!  Not sure I’d be ready for that quite yet, but it does start making me really excited/anxious for Baby G’s arrival!  I’m feeling huge and uncomfortable as is customary for these last 4 weeks of pregnancy, so while I’m not quite ready for her arrival yet, I am pretty ready to be done being pregnant.

Life update

The Gallagher family thrives off of chaos apparently!  So heres a little update of what has been going on in our life the last few months…

Last April I got my real estate license, and from that point on Clint and I were obsessed with looking at houses and talking about what our next house may look like.  For us this is probably one of our biggest mutual hobbies so it was really fun to look online every night and we usually went to see 1-2 houses a week for several months…. Fast forward to Labor Day weekend 2017 and there was a house that I had been eyeing for a few months.  It was listed for well out of our price range so I had never seriously considered it, but it also wasn’t selling so I finally showed it to Clint and told him I thought we should at least go look.  We scheduled a showing for 8am the next morning- it was vacant so even though it was a weird time it worked.  We took the kids with us and planned to head straight to the lake after running through the house quickly….

Well, the second we walked in we both looked at each other with that “Oh sh**” look… We absolutely fell in love.  It was a total mess- not gross mess, but  not well maintained (think trees growing in gutters) and out of date (red, green, and yellow walls- oh my!), and just perfect for us!  We loved the floor plan and instantly saw a ton of potential in this house.  So we thought about it and talked about it for 2 weeks and finally decided that we may as well make a really really low offer and just see what happened- what did we have to lose?!?

So our initial offer wasn’t accepted, but once we threw in my commission we came to terms with the seller and we were under contract on September 20th by 10PM.  Here’s where the chaos really starts… We left town early the morning of September 21st for a wedding and didn’t return until Sunday the 24th.  We had a “to-list punch list” about a mile long but somehow Clint managed to knock it out and our house was on the market by September 28th.

We had about 20 showings in 3 days and were under contract by Friday… so basically we had been incredibly busy for 10 days and it was just the start!  We are up against a ticking deadline of baby #4’s due date of Nov 24 so we knew we needed to close no later than Nov 15th but seeing as I have never made it to 40 weeks even that was cutting it close.  We pushed everything as quick as we could and came up with Nov 1 closing for both houses and move date.

Soooo now here we are on October 31st and we are moving TOMORROW! The last 6 weeks have been beyond crazy trying to pack our house and keep the household running and the kids lives as normal as possible all while I become more pregnant by the minute (more on that next post!).  Like I said earlier though, Gallagher’s thrive on chaos- mainly my husband that is.  I’m 110% certain I wouldn’t do half of this without Clint, but every day I am so so grateful for him and his “find a way to win” attitude.  Wish us luck with the move tomorrow!  Oh, and did I mention we are going to demo the kitchen next week and hopefully have it put back together in time for baby?! Ya… chaos I tell you!

(I’m hoping to post a lot of pics/videos of our entire remodel this time around… what media do you think will be best?! IG stories/posts? Blog posts…? Would LOVE feedback!)

Pregnancy #4 update

We went for our ultrasound this morning at 11AM. I haven’t felt that anxious or sick for a long time… the uncertainty kills me.  That’s part of my type A personality and something I’m working on… I’m not always in control and God is constantly reminding me of that.

Everything looked OK from what I can tell/what we were told. They didn’t see any additional soft markers, but the EIF is still present and there were a couple of things they couldn’t visualize. We will go back for another ultrasound and ECHO in 4-6 weeks (when they can get it scheduled). This is completely unrelated to the EIF but because of Shae’s history of VSD (ventricular septal defect).  So while I do feel a little more at ease for now, I also know that nothing in life is guaranteed.

I had a lot of those thoughts the past few days… I am not guaranteed a healthy or typical baby, but I’m also not guaranteed my own health or the health of my other kids for tomorrow. Life is scary and unpredictable and at any time I can be thrown a curve ball and knocked off the path that I thought my life was on.  This is where my anxiety sets in and I need to continue to work on this daily.  Typically I just try not to think about “what ifs”, but sometimes I think it’s necessary to challenge myself to be ok with “what ifs”.

One of the biggest things this soft marker has reminded me is that even if things don’t go how I planned doesn’t mean they aren’t going how God planned. And really life isn’t about my plan after all. So for now I’ll keep praying that God gives me the strength and grace I need to deal with all of life’s curveballs and what ifs.


Pregnancy #4

I have yet to blog about this pregnancy at all! And while I doubt I’ll do even a monthly post I do want to write down a few things for my own memory….

We found out we were pregnant with Baby G #4 on March 16th- the day before St. Patty’s Day.  After my miscarriage in mid-January I was extremely anxious for the first month or two but that didn’t stop me from telling family/friends our exciting news.  I was definitely more cautious and tried not to get my hopes up, but I was really hopeful that this pregnancy would not end in miscarriage.

IMG_3430 2
They had no idea the little secret we were keeping from them 😉

We waited until about 8 weeks to tell the kids about the baby.  We probably should have waited a little longer but at the same time I was telling people and I didn’t want them to find out from anyone but us.  I knew once we told the kids it would be pretty public knowledge at least within our St. Michaels church/school community, and thats definitely what happened.  I had a lot of the kids teachers coming up to me and carefully asking  “uhhh I’m not sure if we are supposed to know this or not but…CONGRATS!” It was pretty sweet that Shae and August got to share the news, because you could just tell how excited and proud they were from the very beginning.


This pregnancy has overall been my easiest so far.  I’ve been super tired and had the normal pregnancy complaints: heartburn, back pain, fatigue, but overall nothing too crazy and I’ve been embracing it much much more than I ever have before!  I felt like it was a girl from pretty early on because I’ve been craving sweets, carbs and any kind of meat still makes me nauseous!

I’ve definitely indulged in a few more of these than probably necessary 😉

I’m definitely missing my normal clothes, pre-pregnancy body, and adult beverages (especially in the summer!), but I know that it will be over before I know it so I’m trying to not wish this pregnancy away which I think I’ve done too much in the past.

We found out the gender on July 5th and I was so excited to tell the kids… We also found out on July 5th that this baby has something called EIF (echogenic intracardiac foci) which is a “soft marker” for chromosomal abnormalities.  This definitely took a little bit of the excitement out of the day and gender reveal, but I went on as if everything was typical because there was no reason to not continue to be excited for our sweet baby GIRL!

 When we first found out about the EIF I was a little stunned but took it all in stride and tried to not stress or focus on it too much.  We are going in for a level 2 ultrasound tomorrow (July 19th) and I will be honest- I’ve been incredibly emotional in the past few days.  I am scared and nervous.  There is absolutely nothing to do about the possibility of our baby not being typical, but the thought is definitely daunting.  Having grown up with an older brother with a chromosomal abnormality I know firsthand how life changing this would be for our family.  I also know firsthand that this would not be a horrible awful thing.  It would be an incredible challenge and an incredible blessing.  I know I am up for whatever God gives me- I am just more than ready for a few more answers!


If there are any extra prayers out there tonight we would love a few for our sweet babe!  I’m not even sure what exactly I’m praying for right now, but I think the best way to describe it is just strength and grace no matter what we find or don’t find tomorrow.

(Over)Commitment Issues

Overcommitment seems to be the name of the game for 2016-2017 in the Gallagher household.  For some reason I felt that I needed to say “yes” to everything and “no” to nothing and that has definitely made me feel like we are running on overdrive almost all of the time… and its also the reason for the horrible job I’ve done blogging (somethings gotta give!)

I’ve been attempting to:

  • help my Dad with the family side gig of boat/RV storage
  • help run the accounting for my Brothers startup construction company
  • be President of the Mothers of Young Children group at church
  • be a coordinator for Vacation Bible School at church
  • be an active member of a Bible study and two separate playgroups
  • workout a few times a week
  • run a household
  • get my kids involved in extracurricular activities (gymnastics, swim, soccer, t-ball)
  • be a Mom, wife, sister and friend

… and with all of this attempting comes a lot of moments of feeling like I’m absolutely failing.

One of the biggest challenges of motherhood for me has been figuring out how to feel like myself while raising my children.  It is an impossible thing to explain, especially for me- someone who always knew one of the only things I wanted out of life was to be a Mom!  For some reason though “just being a Mom” isn’t all I dreamed it would be.  Yes- I adore my kids as much as the next person, but I also really struggle with feeling like my only responsibility in life is raising good kids.  I mean that is a HUGE overwhelming task, and a lot of days I feel like I’m utterly failing.  I truly wonder more often than not if my kids would be better kids if they weren’t around me 90-100% of the time? Shouldn’t there be some more balance?!

Balance is something that I know everyone struggles with, so I try to give myself grace and remember that I’m not alone in feeling this way.  I keep reminding myself that we have big changes around the corner- Shae will start full time Kindergarten in the Fall and all 3 kids will be in school for a couple of days a week!  So I’m trying to soak up the last bit of time we have before we are a “grade school family”- crazy!  But I’m also craving something else, something for me to feel more like me…

I read back through my blog and it was exactly 2 years ago that I made the decision to quit working as a part time Physical Therapist to focus more on my family.  In that post I talked about enjoying the little things and spending more time focusing on my family.  I definitely think I’ve achieved that, but I’ve also felt a constant ache for something more.  I know that I’m not ready to commit to anything substantial and don’t feel that PT is my calling right now

So, with all of the extra commitments I’ve made this past year I’m making one more.  I’m committing to getting my real estate license.  Totally crazy, but something that I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now.  Real Estate completely fascinates me and I spend more time on Zillow and the local real estate apps than I’d like to admit.  Also, with my brother’s business taking off he needs some extra help with listing his flips so that is where I’m going to start! I”m not sure exactly where this road is going to take me, but I’m really excited to find out.  I’m excited to have something “for me”

(I wrote this post 4 months ago…. but never hit publish!  In the past 4 months things have gotten busier and slower at the same time.  I’ve delegated and taken on more… balance- I’m still working on it 😉 )