Emmett- 1 month

(written August 16th- obviously not published on time… no surprise there)

We were out to brunch with my family this morning and I realized that it was already August 16th, which means we are already at the 1 month mark with Emmett! You can definitely tell that Emmett is not just a newborn anymore because he is awake more during the day, and is a little more fussy/needy. His sleeping at night has also regressed which is one of my least favorite things about 1 month olds!

Sweet sleeper

Overall, Emmett has been a relatively easy baby. I think by #3 I have finally realized that attempting to predict a newborns behavior is just going to cause more frustrations than its worth. We have continued on with our everyday routines and have made time for plenty of feedings, diaper changes and outfit changes along the way. In the last few days I’ve noticed Emmett being a little more fussy and I have tried to make myself more aware of his sleep/wake cycle. This age is definitely challenging because they are no longer a newborn that sleeps all day long, but they aren’t quite ready for the schedule that will eventually come. Flexibility is key!

1 month old
1 month old
"I surrender!"
“I surrender!”


Length: 21.5 inches (40%)

Weight: 9lbs 6oz (25%)


-being swaddled to sleep. Usually the sleep sack is the best bet

-rocking to sleep- I’m trying to enjoy this now, but also secretly hoping to break the habit to give myself a little more down time (especially in the middle of the night)

-laying upright on Mama’s chest- another favorite of mine!

-LOVES the Ergo- thank God!


-car rides, and his car seat in general


-sleeping in his bassinet after the first night waking… this has become an issue so he has been sleeping in his swing from 3-6AM typically.  I’m just trying to remember that this is likely just a phase and will be OK- he won’t sleep in his swing forever


-Bedtime between 10-11PM, wakes between 1-3 then back to sleep until 5 or 6.

-Nursing every 2-3 hours during the day

-Sleeping whenever he wants to… no real routine or pattern to this quite yet.

He loves this thing!  Found discounted at a local consignment sale
He loves this thing! Found discounted at a local consignment sale

Here are a few pictures of Emmett’s nursery.  We hadn’t really done anything to the nursery until after E was born when we made paddles for his name over his crib.  Pops (Clint’s Dad Shawn) has made something artistic for every kids room so far and the fish for over the changing table are his contribution for Emmett’s room- we LOVE them!


Emmett met his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Havey during his first month as well (a long with many others that have been mentioned in previous posts!)

Great-Grandma Havey
Great-Grandma Havey
Great-Grandpa Havey and the boys
Great-Grandpa Havey and the boys
Playing with brother
Playing with brother

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