Here we go again…

Well, I’ve done it again… I’ve changed my blog for the 3rd and FINAL time…. I swear.

I debated if I was just going to stick with “gallaghersplustwo” forever, but decided that I would always feel weird about that.  I also knew that I wasn’t going to commit to “gallaghersplusthree”, because lets be honest I’m not sure that our little family is quite complete yet.  I do, however, KNOW that we am complete for at least a few years.  So for now, and forever, we are just going to be “gallaghersplus”.

The definition of plus is “with the addition of”… seems pretty wide open and fitting for us right now.  Not only do we have the addition of 3 little kiddos to our family, but I also look at all of the other additions we have in our life.  Family, friends, jobs, all of these are additions and all of these make our world wonderful… so once again- I hope you enjoy the small glimpse into our wonderful world


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