My Love

I always find myself writing about things we’ve done, milestones the kids have reached, or struggles along the way, but I rarely mention the rock of this family. I knew when Clint and I first started dating that he was going to be a wonderfully amazing partner in life. He had everything I ever wanted in a man; strong work ethic, faith in God, determination and drive that is unmatched, and of course his competitiveness which always pushes me to be a better person. What I don’t think I realized early on is how strong and supportive he really is.

202_IMG_4397-2 F ANow that we are 5 years into our marriage (excuse me but how did that happen?!) I look back and know that I made a darn good decision the day that I married my best friend. Sure, marriage is definitely NOT easy, and there are plenty of fights and unhappy moments, but overall it is a crazy, eventful, and amazing journey and I’m lucky to have Clint by my side through it all.



Every time we have a baby (which seems like a lot lately…) Clint and I go through somewhat of a “honeymoon phase” all over again. I will never forget bringing Shae home from the hospital and sitting down at our kitchen table for the first time just the 3 of us and the overwhelming emotion both Clint and I felt towards each other and our sweet baby that first night. And each time we add a new addition to our family I have a similar nostalgic feeling, especially towards my husband. When I need him most he always steps up and goes above and beyond my expectations. Through the end of my pregnancy with Emmett and in the early days after his birth I could not have asked for someone more supportive and helpful than Clint was. He was constantly picking up the slack for all of the things that I simply could not do. Watching him take care of the kids while simultaneously making dinner and doing laundry; I was just amazed at how he could do it all and still have time to make sure I was OK too.

I know that things won’t always be this good. The honeymoon phase will end. Things will return to “normal” and I will get back into the swing of doing all of the household things while somehow taking care of 3 kids and working part time. Clint will continue to work hard at the office, he will start traveling again, and hopefully resume making progress on updating our home! The frustrations about the little things (how we parent, or do the laundry, or who is more tired) will return.

I hope that especially during the hard times that I can remember to stop, look around, and appreciate the truly wonderful rock that Clint is to our babies and I. I am so blessed to call this amazing man my husband, and my children are even more blessed to call him Daddy.

"We love you Dada!"
“We love you Dada!”

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