What about a schedule?


I was feeling super overwhelmed late 2 weeks ago… It was Friday after a long week at home with 3 kids, and the only thing we had planned for the entire day was E’s 1 month checkup at 11:30. I do NOT function well when I have no plans until that late in the day… it means I have no where to get up and hurry out of the house for, but I also can’t really plan anything for the morning either- lose lose situation for this Mama. It was one of those mornings when I felt like someone was screaming at me every. single. minute, and I literally felt like E hadn’t stopped fussing since 5am…

I was on the phone with a friend chatting while walking around the house to calm E, and she asked “well have you started putting him on a nap schedule?” BRILLIANT! How is is that you forget the most simple things when you are overwhelmed and exhausted?! I was thinking worst case scenarios: colic, reflux, just going to be a fussy baby forever… When in reality the poor kid was just overtired!

A nap schedule is one of the most frustrating things to achieve. It definitely doesn’t just happen overnight, and it takes a lot of time and more patience than you can imagine. But once you’ve achieved some sort of schedule it makes your entire day run much more smoothly. Kids aren’t overtired which means less crying, it provides a sense of structure to the day, and most importantly it gives Mama a break!

So, now instead of thinking worst case scenario when I’m overwhelmed, I am trying to think more positively and get back to the basics… eat, sleep, poop, repeat… over… and over… and over…

I LOVE my life- really!!


One thought on “What about a schedule?

  1. Naps and schedules are golden here too! We don’t have a very strict schedule yet, but I’m trying to work on it in the next few weeks! I’m glad you posted about this because it reminded me we need to work on it better!


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