Precious moments

This past week we received the text we had been dreading… “Aunt Tammi passed…” Our world stopped. I felt the immediate loss. We had just been upstairs talking about Aunt Tammi an hour earlier, and now she was gone…

Aunt Tammi is Clint’s Aunt and one of the most loving, caring and genuine women I have ever met. Only a few short months ago we were told that Tammi was diagnosed with brain cancer- the horrible, dreaded disease that has taken way too many before their time. When I heard this my heart sank. I knew it would be an uphill battle that would likely not end how we all hoped and prayed. But why? Why Tammi?! I have struggled with this over the last few months. Why do things like this happen? Mothers taken too soon from their children… Babies taken too soon from their Mothers… This isn’t how things are supposed to happen.

Tammi was one of those people that I always enjoyed being around, and looked forward to seeing at every holiday and family function. She was so incredibly welcoming from the first time I met her when Clint and I were just dating.  Tammi and I had a lot in common and our conversations were always enjoyable and enlightening. She talked to me as an equal, a friend, and I couldn’t have appreciated that more.  She genuinely cared about others, and I always felt at ease when Tammi was around.  She was truly a Godly woman, and you could feel the grace that surrounded her.  The one thing Tammi excelled at most was Motherhood. She was one of the Moms who I looked up to, someone I always admired.  She was graceful in how she spoke about her children, and Evan and Sydney were her pride and joy.  Tammi made Motherhood seem effortless, even though we all know it isn’t.

Tammi, Mark, Evan and Sydney brought down the offertory at our wedding

We knew that when Tammi passed we would drop everything and drive to Evansville to be with family and attend the services. So when we got the text we immediately started planning, rearranging our schedule, and packing.  We headed to Evansville Thursday evening, arriving shortly after 1am and the kids were amazing in the car.

We spent the next few days relaxing with family. visiting family and friends, and attending the services for Tammi.  It was definitely a bittersweet trip home.  We were so glad to introduce Emmett to many of our family and friends, but more than anything we wish it had been under different circumstances.

Tammi will be forever missed, but I know she is up in Heaven smiling down on all of us.  I will forever look to her for guidance in my daily struggles as a Mom, PT, wife, and friend because she truly embodied everything I strive to be.  During the homily at Tammi’s funeral the priest spoke about how Tammi was truly a disciple of God.  I pray that I can follow Tammi’s example and be a loving wife, thoughtful mother, and disciple of God.

Swimming at the Vieth's pool
Swimming at the Vieth’s pool
Emmett meeting Granny Addie
Emmett meeting Granny Addie
All 3 kids and Granny
All 3 kids and Granny
First smile caught on camera before the Visitation
First smile caught on camera before the Visitation


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