18 months- August

Always happy

Can I please just bottle August up and keep him exactly as he is right now forever?! I mean, seriously, I could not ask for a sweeter little man. He has handled the transition to middle child like a rockstar. I was sure that he was going to struggle and be jealous of Emmett but I haven’t seen any regression in behaviors or jealousy towards E. August only wants to give kisses to Emmett (all of the time), and will bring a paci or diaper over when asked (most of the time).


Height: 32.5 inches (45%)

Weight: 29lbs (95%)

At the Dr's office- always on the move
At the Dr’s office- always on the move

August rarely gets upset, and when he does it is usually due to a particular little girl (named Shae) who has stolen one of his beloved diggers/tractors, lawnmower or vacuum. He is great at sharing for an 18 month old and will give Shae a turn almost always when she asks, but he does not appreciate it when she takes things out of his hands- I don’t blame him!


He still loves food! He will eat anything and everything. Favorites are still meats, especially chicken, steak, meatballs, and pork tenderloin. We are on a big smoothie kick and the kid will chug his smoothie in a 1/4 of the time it takes Shae or I. He also picked up a horrible habit (from his father of course) of shoving waaaay too much food in his mouth at one time.

August is an incredible sleeper. Goes down for naps and bedtime so easily, and always sleeps about 12 hours at night. He usually only naps for about 2 hours, but I am not complaining because this kid always wakes up happy.

He’s still rocking 2T clothes and size 5 diapers, but we are about to upgrade to size 6…. I think thats as big as they get, right?! Potty training here we come! He definitely will go pee on the potty, and I put him up there at least once a day. He doesn’t seem completely aware yet, so I’m not going to push the potty training but I’m not going to hold back either! As much as I love having 2 in diapers I am ready to start walking out of Target with less than 4 boxes of diapers…

August is all boy. He loves being outside, running around, chasing bubbles, etc. He is really into trucks and airplanes right now, and wants to be Daddy’s helper any chance he gets. He also really likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right now. I haven’t been able to get August to sit down and watch anything up to this point, and I really actually want him to- even for just 30 minutes- to help at bedtime. Just in the last few weeks we started letting the kids watch an episode of Mickey Mouse and August has gotten really into it. He especially loves dancing to the “hot dog” song and he loves saying “toodles!”

Helping build the deck
Helping build the deck
Watching the lumber and loving every second
Watching the lumber and loving every second
Pouring concrete with Daddy
Pouring concrete with Daddy

His vocabulary is getting better every day. He can generally tell me what he wants and very rarely gets frustrated when I don’t understand. Favorite words are: more, Dada, Mama, digger, chicken (“chik-e”), lovie (“wa-wa”), fishy, thank you (which is said really “throaty”- hilarious).

Loves climbing everything and jumping once he gets there
Loves climbing everything and jumping once he gets there


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