Emmett- 2 months

Wow- I’m super late on this one, but better late than never (I feel like I say this exact same thing every post… but hey at least I’m trying!)

Obviously this month has flown by… We had a few rough/fussy weeks at the beginning of Emmett’s 2nd month, but by the end of the month he had really calmed down and was much easier to soothe and was sleeping a little bit better (at least during the day).

Goofy Grin
Sweet little man

Weight: 11lbs 1oz (30%)

Height: 23.25 inches (50%)

Sleep. Emmett typically cat-naps all morning long depending on what we are doing.  Then he will take a long nap (in his swing) during the big kids nap time from 1-4 or so.  He usually needs another cat nap in the evening and then has been going to bed anywhere between 8-10.  He is usually up 1-2 times per night.  If his first wake is at 3 or later then we are good, but he usually is still waking at 1 or 2 and then needing to wake again around 5.  I can’t wait until we are just waking up 1 time or less!

Eat.  Still only nursing.  He will occasionally take a 4-5oz bottle, but that is only occasionally and he has to be pretty hungry to take it well.  He typically only takes one side and then calls it quits for the feed and wants to eat again in 2-3 hours.  For now I am just going with it because its working for us.

Bowels- always a favorite topic!  Emmett is also just like August in that he only likes to poop once every 7-10 days.  It makes for EXTREMELY stinky gas, and massive blowouts once a week.  Usually about 7 days in he starts getting pretty uncomfortable.  The best thing for this- long car rides…. apparently being in his carseat for long stretches is what makes him relax enough to poop, because almost all of his blowouts have been in his carseat- awesome.

Emmett starting smiling towards the end of the 2nd month (between 6-7 weeks).  Now he smiles at me all the time!  He even starting smiling at both of the kids, and Shae thinks it is the coolest thing ever.  He is also SUPER ticklish which I think is the greatest thing ever.  I absolutely love tickling all of my babies to just watch them giggle.

Smiling at Shae
Smiling at Shae

Wearing 0-3 month clothes and they are pretty baggy. Emmett is long and lean at this point, so much different from big brother.  Also wearing size 1 diapers.

Emmett and his girlfriend Sonja Ann- I think they are about 8 weeks apart
Emmett and his girlfriend Sonja Ann- I think they are about 8 weeks apart

Motor skills are great.  Emmett has pretty good head control, and just like August loves to be held facing outward on my hip so he can see whats going on.  He doesn’t mind tummy time and will play on his playmat on his tummy or back for 30 minutes stretches most days.

Sleepy boy after 2 month shots
Sleepy boy after 2 month shots

Emmett definitely doesn’t love his carseat yet, and once he’s sick of being in it he isn’t afraid to let me know and scream for the rest of the car ride. If he falls asleep though he is usually good to take a nap in his carseat, as long as he doesn’t stop moving

Healthy 2 month old
Healthy 2 month old at the Dr.

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