First trip to the Dentist

Well, I did it again…. I thought I could handle more than I really could and ended up having a bad experience… You think I would learn- maybe someday!  I scheduled myself, Shae and August for Dentist appointments.  I needed to get in for my 6 month and Shae and August had never been so I figured I might as well take them too.  I had my Mom lined up to join, but I didn’t realize that it was the morning after she had the older two for a long weekend and it was just too much to ask her to join.  So we went… all 4 of us.

I went in with an open mind and the thought that I didn’t need to get my teeth cleaned if the kids were bad.  Well Shae did AMAZING during her appointment!  I mean I was seriously so proud of her sitting in the chair and letting the hygienist clean and floss all of her teeth.

SO big
She loved all of the equipment

August wasn’t quite so patient.  He sat in the chair, but wouldn’t even let her anywhere near his mouth.  I didn’t push it because the last thing I wanted was for this to be a bad experience.

The Royals hat was Nana's purchase- and the only reason he's wearing it is because the Cardinals one was in the wash... But I guess he is a KC boy so whoever he wants to cheer for is fine by me
The Royals hat was Nana’s purchase- and the only reason he’s wearing it is because the Cardinals one was in the wash… But I guess he is a KC boy so whoever he wants to cheer for is fine by me

Then came my turn… At first the kids were OK.  Emmett sat in my lap and the older two had a snack.  But I always forget how long it takes for them to clean teeth!  I seriously felt like I was sitting there for 4 hours while my world crumbled around me.  Emmett lost it after about 20 minutes because he needed a nap.  August and Shae did OK watching the iPad for a bit, but you can only keep little kids occupied for so long.  Finally after about 30 minutes the Secretary offered to take the kids and walk in the hall so I could finish up- SO nice!!

The worst part was when the dentist came in to talk to me for 2 minutes at the end and Shae totally and completely lost it.  I wouldn’t let her have fruit snacks and you would have thought she had lost a finger the way she reacted… I felt so horrible for any of the other patients in the dentist’s office that day.  Everyone was super nice,  but I left completely overwhelmed and exhausted with 3 screaming children.

I do have to go back to the dentist, but this time I made my appointment over lunch so Clint could come watch the kids.  Maybe I really learned my lesson this time… Maybe


If you need a dentist in KC I highly recommend Haake Family Dental!  Everyone has been great there, and while I may not be their favorite patient I definitely appreciate their patience!


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