I feel like I haven’t written a post about random things in a long time.  It’s been hard just trying to keep up with documenting the milestones (this blog counts as one big ‘ol baby book for the kids), but I feel like I am missing writing about the little day to day things that are so important too….

Part of the reason the blog has been so neglected is because I just feel so. darn. busy.  I know things are never going to slow down per se, but right now I am feeling out of balance.  The kids are doing pretty well lately it seems, but I always just feel like I’m running around just trying to keep up with all of the balls I’m juggling.  Fall is a busy time of year due to the “caves”, which is a small family run storage business that is pretty busy in the fall/spring.  I do a lot of the answering of phones, scheduling, and book keeping.  Then I’ve got work, which although its just part time I feel like I am either thinking about it, arranging childcare, preparing, or actually seeing kiddos way more than I am getting paid for…. Add in 3 small children, a house, and a husband and I am overwhelmed.  I constantly feel like I need to reprioritize my life, but these are big decisions and I just don’t have the clarity right now to know what is right,  especially when it comes to my part time job.  Ok, phew! I needed to type about that… just to get it off my chest.

Back to the important stuff… the kids!  Oh my gosh they are fun/crazy/busy/stressful right now!  Shae is 3 going on 16… I mean for real, some of the things this kid says are hilarious.  “Mom, I don’t want to take a bath tonight, I want to take a shower”… umm ok?!  Shae had a bit of a rough transition to school, but seems to be doing much better lately, and I love hearing all of the stories she comes home with, what I would give to be a fly on the wall.  She definitely has her opinions on how things should be done, and won’t let you get away with not following through on things- “But you said…” is a favorite phrase right now.  She is super super helpful with Emmett- those two have some sort of special bond already and I love to watch it.  Her and August have a great time together most of the time, but man they know how to push each others buttons… and they each love to do it/hate to have it done to them.  I spend most of my day saying “leave your brother/sister alone”… but if I send them to the basement a lot of times they figure it out together without much intervention from me.

August has had a pretty hard time with separation from Mama lately, but we hired a wonderful babysitter who comes over most Tuesday/Thursdays from 4-6 so I can leave for work before Clint gets home, and that seems to have helped quite a bit!  We just joined the gym, and I only got a 10 minute workout in the first day because I had to go get August, but I’m hoping that gets better with time too.  August is a hilarious little man, and loves anything to do with diggers, trucks, and his cowboy boots.  He wants to be just like his Daddy, and I loooove it!  I need to get a video of this kid running in his cowboy boots, because it may just be one of the most hysterical/adorable things I’ve ever seen- I could just eat him up!  His biggest thing right now is “mine”.  He probably says mine about 500 times a day and it starts sounding a bit like nails on a chalkboard to me around lunchtime every day.  He is definitely in the egocentric stage, and is not big on sharing for now, but since he is the second I know that things will get easier on that front.

We’ve been working on potty training with August the past week, and surprisingly its going really really well.  August had been showing interest in the potty for probably a good 2 months and every time I would set him on the potty he would pee so I knew he totally understood the concept.  One day I just decided I would buy some boxer briefs and just see what he did, but not push the issue too much.  No potty party or making a big deal out of it like I did with Shae, I just wanted to see if it was something he would pick up.  We are a week in and I am still using pull-ups when we leave the house (just in case), but he really hasn’t had many accidents in the last several days.  Pooping was a little hard the first few days, but seems to be getting easier every day.  I am thinking that I got lucky and decided to do it right before he started to want to argue with me about everything… I know that time is coming sooner than later, and hopefully the potty training will be well behind us before that time! Having 2 in diapers has been my motivation to potty train both Shae and August, so if I stick with that mentality Emmett may be in diapers well into his grade school years (I kid… kind of…)

Speaking of Emmett- I’m definitely not forgetting about my sweet 3rd child.  I’ll get a 4 month post up soon enough, but he still isn’t sleeping very well at night (up 2-4 times most nights) and Clint is traveling for work (again….) so I’m signing off for now…. Hopefully someday I will have more time to write- and to take pictures.  Here are the only pictures I’ve taken in the last week!

Clint fed Emmett his cereal while I was at work... and apparently disregarded the need for a bib
Clint fed Emmett his cereal while I was at work… and apparently disregarded the need for a bib
He loaves his Chiefs jersey which is so cute! He insisted on wearing it last Friday (usually its reserved for gameday)
He loaves his Chiefs jersey which is so cute! He insisted on wearing it last Friday (usually its reserved for gameday)
Boxer-Briefs... I die
Boxer-Briefs… I die

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