Emmett- 4 months

I should start labeling these posts .5 months, because they are consistently getting done 2 weeks late…

I know I'm biased... but he's pretty sweet!
I know I’m biased… but he’s pretty sweet!
Happy buddy
Happy buddy
Always smiling
Always smiling

Height: 24.75 inches (25%)

Weight: 13lbs 6oz (10%)

This month was r.o.u.g.h.  Emmett is definitely not a good sleeper and has been up several times in the middle of the night every night for weeks now.  We have tried just about everything, and most nights we resort to putting him in his swing to get at least a few consecutive hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Hopefully this will change sooner than later… He cat naps a couple of times in the morning in about 20-30 minute stretches depending on what we are doing that day.  And most days he will sleep for a couple of hours during the big kids nap time, although it is typically in his swing.

A rare sleeping moment
A rare sleeping moment

We started rice cereal about a week before Emmett turned 4 months (hoping to pack on some lbs and help the sleeping situation).  Emmett took right to the cereal and pretty much loved it from the start.  Other than that he nurses every 3 hours during the day, and 1-2 times in the middle of the night.  He clearly isn’t gaining weight super well, so it definitely makes me question nursing… hard to trust it when you see your baby go from 50% to 10% but the Dr. didn’t seem too worried… Any time we have tried to supplement though he doesn’t care to take the bottle so for now we are sticking to cereal and nursing.

Clint fed Emmett his cereal while I was at work... and apparently disregarded the need for a bib
Clint fed Emmett his cereal while I was at work… and apparently disregarded the need for a bib

Nicknames right now are “E” “baby” (per August), and “Bubby”

 Emmett is probably our happiest baby outside of night time.  He is the most smiley, giggly little guy!  He’s still super ticklish and laughs at me anytime I talk to him pretty much… I always tell him he’s the only person in the world who actually thinks I’m funny!


He still loves watching and interacting with Shae.  He also has taken to August a little more too in recent weeks.  He is enjoying sitting in his Bumbo, especially for meals, loves his playmat and is a huge fan of the exersaucer!  It starts getting so much easier once they interact with toys and their siblings!

Best buddies
Laughing at Sis

Emmett loves putting everything in his mouth.  He is a drooly little dude and usually soaks his shirt by nap time.  I can already see little white spots where his canines will be so maybe he will get teeth early?!

His gross motor skills are right on target. He is rolling belly to back fairly easily, and is starting to get over to his side when on his belly. His head control is great, and just like his brother he loves to stand. I am looking forward to some independent sitting skills!

Our fingers are crossed that my next monthly post will have some good news on the sleeping front…


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