Emmett- 5 months

Well it’s been another sleepless month at the Gallagher household… In some ways Emmett is totally easy (loves to smile and play with Shae) and in other ways he is totally impossible (hates to sleep at night, nap during the day and eat cereal!).

Happy little guy
Happy little guy
This is one of his newest faces... can't quite figure out what he's thinking
This is one of his newest faces… can’t quite figure out what he’s thinking here
"Mom is SO hilarious!"
“Mom is SO hilarious!”
Such a ham... this kid is going to be T.rouble...
Such a ham… this kid is going to be T.rouble…

No stats this month. Although he did have a kidney scan and they weighed him, but they told me his weight in kilo and that went in one ear and out the other.  Still no results on the scan- follow up with urology next month so hopefully we will know more soon!

Sweet Man sleeping through his Nuc Med renal scan
Sweet Man sleeping through his Nuc Med renal scan

Emmett started rice cereal a week before his 4 month mark and did fabulously with it… For 3 weeks. And then he decided he didn’t like it anymore?! We’ve tried a couple brands of oatmeal and he does a tiny bit better, but the only way you can get him to eat it is if you give it with a fruit as well. So I started bananas… And then he got constipated… So I started prunes… And he loves them!  He has always had weird/super irregular bowel movements so this may just be another little battle we will have with Mr. Emmett.

We have really struggled with a bottle with Emmett and I’ve never worried about it too much, but the poor sleeping at night started to mess with my brain a little and I decided I needed some help. So the only way we could get him to take a bottle was to go on a 1 day nursing strike where he had to take a bottle and I just pumped…. It was a rough day but he eventually got it and now he takes a bottle really well! We are trying to give him a bottle before bed most nights and then nurse as well to ensure he is really full. He never seemed to get “milk drunk” with just nursing so it has me questioning my supply… He also takes a 6oz bottle in the middle of the night, that way Clint and I can alternate nights so I can get a little rest. Other than that we are mainly still nursing for now. I had a goal that we were going to make it to a year, but this little stinker is giving me a run for my money.

Emmett still woke up every 2 hours or so in the middle of the night for most of this past month, but just in the last week he has started going longer stretches and is only up 1-2xs per night. And now that I’ve typed that we will be back to being up every hour tonight- awesome. He isn’t napping great during the day and part of me thinks that is why he isn’t sleeping great at night. I have a constant battle with myself (and E) about how to get him to nap, swing vs no swing, cry vs no cry… I don’t know what the right answer is, but I do know that it will get better with time so we will just keep putting one tired foot in front of the other.

So tired from not sleeping at night that he passed out on his playmat
So tired from not sleeping at night that he passed out on his playmat

Speaking of tired feet, I joined a gym this past month!! It has been amazing- life changing I tell ya! The kids can go to childcare for up to 2 hours every day and I can workout or go to the spa (fat chance). We’ve been going just about daily for something to get out of the house and all of the kids have adjusted really well to the childcare center- August had the hardest time but once he started bringing his lovie he did much better! I barely workout for more than 30-45 minutes but it just feels amazing to get out of the house and do something for me. Post-baby body (x3) is definitely a confidence killer so hopefully a few months at the gym and I will start feeling a little more normal…. Well that was a random side note, and definitely not really about Emmett (blame sleep deprivation)… Back to E.

Emmett is wearing mainly 3-6 month clothes, but they are a bit big on him still. Wearing size 2 diapers

Despite the lack of sleep and picky eating Emmett is a super happy little guy!!! He is very ticklish and absolutely adores his big sister (and the feeling is mutual). He has gotten over his hatred of the car and only cries in the car if he’s hungry or tired. We rarely travel more than 15 minutes from home so when he does fall asleep in his car seat it doesn’t usually last long. I wish that more stores had drive-thrus… Anthro? Gap? Wouldn’t that be nice…

He loves cuddling with anything soft... especially if it is one of his siblings current favorite toys
He loves cuddling with anything soft… especially if it is one of his siblings current favorite toys

Emmetts gross motor is doing pretty well. He is definitely not his big brother but he is rolling belly to back and is almost going back to belly (although he still doesn’t prefer his belly except for at night…). He loves to bear weight on his legs, but doesn’t seem anywhere near sitting independently- I know it will come soon enough but sitting independently is one of my favorite milestones! He loves his exersaucer, isn’t a huge fan of the Bumbo, and doesn’t mind being in his highchair- especially if Shae will sit and play with him for a bit.

Onward we go! I looked back at Shaes blog and my 6 month post was a positive one so I’m (still) hoping that I will be able to report more sleep next month. Until then… More coffee please!

***please excuse any typos… This was typed from my phone as I sat at the foot of Emmetts swing while he napped- I tried to get out of the room several times but he wasn’t having it today…


One thought on “Emmett- 5 months

  1. I love reading monthly posts. Especially when I can tototally commiserate! Jude has not been napping during the day at all and I don’t know what to do! Also random, Jude has had to have an u/s on his kidneys as well! They’ve been fine so far, but we go back at one year for another one.


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