Ho, Ho, Ho!

We kept with our annual tradition and visited Santa after Mass on Sunday.   The MOYC group at church that I am part of hosted a “Photos with Santa”, and I coordinated a book drive to go with it… why not sign up to be a member of the MOYC Board when you have 3 small children, right?!

Anyways, we saw Santa for just a quick minute before church so I could drop off a box for the book drive, and Shae and August were both fairly terrified.  Then after they behaved (surprisingly) well in Church we went back down to sit on Santa’s lap.  We had been prepping Shae for a few weeks that she needed to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  I was amazed that her and August walked up lot him, very timidly, and Shae hopped right up on his lap.  After a few photos Shae and August told Santa what they wanted- A pink princess bicycle, and a “gigger” (translation: digger) respectively.  Emmett was clueless and was the perfect age to just be held and get his picture taken.  Nobody gave very good smiles- but Santa was quite animated if you ask me….


Now we will wait and see if Shae and August are naughty or nice….


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