The struggle is real

I swear I write some of best posts in my head at 3am… I’m always coming up with different things to say, and I’m pretty darn witty too. But then I finally find time to sit down to write and “BOOM” I’ve got nothing to say, and I’m definitely not witty…

This whole “Mom thing” is tough… I mean sure its all of the cliche things that you always read; “the best job ever” or “extremely rewarding”, but when you’re in the thick of it it is just downright tough…

This past week the Gallagher house was hit with the stomach bug, and we were hit hard. Shae started throwing up about 10PM Monday night, and then Emmett followed about 3AM Tuesday morning. The vomit stopped after about 24 hours but the lack of appetite, over-exhaustion, and diaper rash still persists- its been a real fun week around here. Somehow August and Clint managed to stay well, and I never actually got totally sick but had some intense nausea for about 36 hours (NO, NOT morning sickness). We’ve been up about every 1-3 hours every night this week, and now that its Friday afternoon I am D.O.N.E. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? It probably is in Puerto Rico where my Mom has been vacationing for the last 12 days… Send me a Pina Colada, Mom (and next time, take me with you!)

Sometimes I just feel like I can’t take anymore of the 3 year old ridiculousness…. If you could only hear some of the things that we have complete meltdowns over- it is truly enough to drive someone mad. Today Shae went down for nap really well and about 15 minutes later I heard her scream for me like the sky was falling and I was sure she had thrown up again. After I ran in there she was freaking out because she couldn’t get her sock back on…. True Story.

And then there’s August who just can’t seem to get enough words out in a day… He talks non-stop, but its not true conversation talking. It’s more like repeating the same words or phrases over and over again, and most the time they are only recognizable to those who know him well. Favorites these days are “fishys, cast, reel” “more diggers” “help mama” (as in he wants to help me with everything– sweet Mama’s boy).

And sweet Emmett… who still doesn’t sleep. This week has been a total setback due to the illnesses, and now the horrible diaper rash. I remember August having the exact same thing around this same age and I’m fairly certain it was teeth so I am praying that we see a tooth soon, and praying even harder that this nasty diaper rash goes away ASAP.

So as I’m feeling completely overwhelmed, deflated, and like the world’s worst Mom (because I just can’t have one more kid-centered conversation) I was reading some other blogs I follow and it hit me that although our struggle is real, just like everyone else’s, at least we are all healthy and (mostly) happy. We are so blessed, and I know that- but I also know that my struggle is real for me and its totally OK to struggle. Everyone has different thresholds for what they can handle, and I’m about at the end of mine. I’m so looking forward to the weekend, and hitting the reset button…. next week Mom is back in town, but Clint is gone Monday-Friday…. God grant me strength… Spring- are you here yet?! I need you….



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