August- 2 years

I’m not sure there is a way to write about how amazing this little man is… At 2 years old he is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I know.  Being the middle child surely isn’t easy, but August embraces it and truly is one of the best brothers to Shae and Emmett that I could ever hope for.  

2 year check up- healthy boy!
2 year check up- healthy boy!
My sweet heart
My sweet heart
Blowing out 2 candles!
Blowing out 2 candles!

Height: 35 inches (70%)

Weight: 31lbs 6oz (92%)

August is the best sleeper, still! Thank God for this fact, because 2 difficult sleepers is more than enough for one family.  He goes down extremely easily, and can even sacrifice his bedtime routine if needed and will still sleep through the night without a peep.  In the morning he still likes to wake up and lay around in his crib for a bit before standing up, but still will very rarely call out or cry for me to come get him.  His patience is unmatched and I am so grateful for that.  August still takes 1 1.5-3 hour nap in the afternoon.

August potty-trained extremely well at about 21 months.  He will still have the occasional accident if he gets too busy playing and I forget to make him stop and go.  He rarely fights going to the potty, although I think that may change a bit once we start spending more time outside.  I’m sure his father would love to teach him how to go outside, but I’m not so sure the neighbors would appreciate that very much.  Clint had a proud Father moment when he took August to the bathroom in public and August used his first urinal- its the little things that make Daddy’s proud I guess?

Best brother reached over to grab Sissy's hand
Best brother reached over to grab Sissy’s hand

My little man loves any type of balls, especially his football and a new favorite is his soccer ball.  I love the way he says “soccer ball” right now… so darn cute!  One of his favorite things is pestering his sister by grabbing whatever her most favorite toy of the moment is and running full speed away from her while she shrieks at the top of her lungs running after him.  This is one of the few times that he is a little ornery, and honestly its good for Shae!  Usually if he is being a real pill I will make him give whatever toy it is back to her, and he always does so without protest.  Most of the time, however, I try to let them work it out amongst themselves… thats what siblings are for right?

He is wearing 2T pants and 2-3T shirts.  He still definitely has a belly on him, and I’m pretty obsessed.  No more diapers except a pull-up or diaper at nap/night.  He loves his “toodles undies”, but I prefer him in his boxer-briefs… I mean come on, does it get any cuter?!

August still loves all food for the most part.  He is still a meat guy, and loves meats over pastas and starches typically.  His favorite food right now is probably yogurt, and would eat greek yogurt at every meal if I let him.  There is rarely a food he won’t eat, but he isn’t a huge fan of casseroles.

Goofball- loves sunglasses
Goofball- loves sunglasses


Language is coming along great!  He was slow to start and definitely doesn’t have the best vocabulary, but most of the time he can get his point across to me.  One of the many great things about August is that he doesn’t get extremely frustrated when I don’t understand him.  Usually if I don’t get what he is trying to tell me he will figure out another way to get what he needs by either showing me or just figuring it out on his own.  August doesn’t know much about ABCs, or how to count because honestly he just doesn’t seem very interested in them!  Its so very different than with Shae, but I’m trying to not to worry about it or compare the two kids too much.  We’ve been working a little bit on colors, but again he isn’t too interested so I’m not pushing.
Other favorite things continue to be diggers, tractors, and fishing.  He is definitely taking after his Daddy and Uncle Willie.  Anytime we go outside (not too often lately), August finds a shovel and somehow finds a way to dig in the mulch and make a huge mess… Its going to be a long (wonderful) Spring/Summer with this little guy.  Another favorite activity is still his pretend fishing where he will “cast” and “reel reel reel” until he gets his pretend fish into his pretend boat where he proudly displays it to me and then throws it back into the pretend water.  Clint can’t wait to take A out onto a real boat, on real water, and catch some real fish!

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