Emmett- 9 months

I think I said it for the other kids too, but 9 months is probably my favorite age!  Its exactly when I start feeling like a normal person again.  We are sleeping, napping, eating most things, and overall just easy (for the most part…).  This is also when I start to get a bit cocky and end up pregnant with another little blessing… I’ve had the occasional crazy thought of “well if I just had one more now…..” and then I smack myself back to reality and remember how horrible of a pregnant person I am, and how much I dislike the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn.  SO while I still love the thought of another little Gallagher running around I am hoping to give myself a few years before that happens (or at least one solid year…)

9 months!
9 months!
Sitting down is overrated
Sitting down is overrated


Height: 28inches (45%)

Weight: 19lbs (48%)

Emmett has been the most easy-going, as well as the most high-maintenance of the 3 kids so far.  I’m not sure what that means for his teenage years, but I’m sure he’s going to be an entertaining kid to watch grow up.  He absolutely adores his siblings and will crawl as fast as he can to chase them anywhere they are going.  He hates being left behind so one of his least favorite things is when the kids run upstairs or to the basement without him- I have to keep a close watch on him because before I know it he’s going to figure out the stairs.

"I think I can, I think I can"
“I think I can, I think I can”

E loves to eat solid foods!  He will eat just about anything the big kids are eating.  Typically he takes an 8oz bottle in the morning and 1-2 4oz bottles during the day and an 8oz at night.  Favorite foods are chicken nuggets, pork tenderloin, and bananas.


Nightly bath in the sink after dinner
Almost nightly bath in the sink after dinner

Emmett has started waking up around 6:30 every morning and it is slowly creeping earlier and earlier since we are going in and getting him up right away…. not liking this pattern we are getting into because I am still not a morning person.  He is taking a short catnap in the morning and we are working on taking a longer afternoon nap with the big kids.  Its still very hit and miss.


E is pulling up on everything and has just started figuring out how to walk short distances with his push toy and a little help from me for speed.  He is a very efficient at crawling and isn’t as interested in walking as August was at this age.  We’ve been to the park quite a bit lately so I’m definitely ready for him to walk rather than crawling around the park.

Loves: Shae and August, walks in the stroller, swinging, sleeping in the car

Hates: swinging too high (this kid is going to have a weak stomach I think), being left behind, being hungry

Nicknames: “Memett”, E, Bubba

Those teeth!
Those teeth!
Loving playing peekaboo
Loving playing peekaboo
Don't mess with our sister...
Don’t mess with our sister…

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