Summer swimming

After E was born I changed this blog’s name (again), and when I changed the blog name to “gallaghersplus” I thought it opened up what the name of my blog stood for.  I originally named it “gallaghersplusone” when I started blogging because I wanted this space to be a way to document Shae’s life… Little did I know that just 4 years later the blog would still be going strong, only I would be documenting our life as a family of 5!   But I don’t just want this blog to be about documenting monthly updates (especially since I am done with those for a good long time).  I also want to document our daily thoughts, activities, and special memories, so I’m going to try to  get better to sit down and write things that I don’t want to forget.

We love swimming!
We love swimming!

One thing I never want to forget about the summer of 2015 is just how much we have gone to the pool.  We started out going just a few times a week with my Mom, or Clint in the evening.  But recently I started taking the kids by myself, and now we are going pretty much every single day (and admittedly sometimes twice a day).  My kids have become such good little fishys and they all love the water- plus they always nap better after a morning full of swimming!

Currently,  Shae is swimming about 15-20 feet unassisted and can take a few breaths.  She loves diving for rings and jumping in off the side.  August is mainly in his bubble, but can swim about 5 feet unassisted and hasn’t figured out the breathing thing yet.  He is starting to like practicing without his bubble more, and is loving the extra attention when I work 1 on 1 with him.  And E has figured out the puddle jumper in the last few weeks which has made my life significantly better.  I now feel like I can watch all 3 of them better since I have my hands free and am not always carrying Emmett on my hip.  Plus, he loves the extra independence that he has gained.

IMG_3749 IMG_3746IMG_3989

Our favorite pool this summer has been our neighborhood pool, because we are able to walk and eat lunch or dinner there and be home within 5 minutes.  We’ve also enjoyed going to Hallbrook with my Mom for lunch, or to friends neighborhood pools.  When we’ve needed a change of pace we’ve tried out the PV Pool (although they don’t allow bubbles so that was interesting), and the Leawood City Pool which were both really fun and gave some different scenery.

Fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and stayed like this for a solid 30 minutes with the kids playing (loudly) around him
Fell asleep in the stroller on the way home and stayed like this for a solid 30 minutes with the kids playing (loudly) around him

I’m going to be bummed over the next few weeks when pools start reducing hours and then eventually close… I guess we will have to start hitting up the park again daily!  Until then though, we are going to soak up as much more pool time as we can get.

(Ugh- don’t mind E falling and hitting his face in the background.. life isn’t always perfect, right?!)


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