Shae’s 4th birthday!

I have a major writer’s block every time I sit down to write on this blog… I’m starting to think its a sign maybe I need to shut down shop… But then I think about how happy I am that I have so much of the last 4 years documented and I just keep on typing…

Shae’s 4th birthday was a hard day for me.  It was just one of those days where I felt like I could do nothing right or good enough.  Every time I turned the corner there was another mess or meltdown and we just couldn’t seem to get our act together.  We went to the park in the morning with some great friends, and of course I felt like my kids were horribly behaved.  Nana came to the rescue in the afternoon and took all 3 kids to Scheels and Shae was able to ride on the Ferris wheel with a worker named Prudence… definitely a 4th birthday to remember!

I kept the party low-key and just invited family and our close neighbors.  We had pizza and cake, and Mommy may have had a few too many beers… Now we are just hoping for our “threenanger” to become a big 4 year old in the coming weeks/months!


You have rocked our world from day 1 in the best way possible.  Every day you challenge me to be a more patience, loving and giving individual and for that I am eternally grateful.  You are the best big sister to your baby brothers (mainly when I’m not around), and I just know they both adore you with their whole hearts.  You are a budding artist and are constantly ask to color, do “homework” and color some more.  You absolutely love school, and I can already tell you are going to thrive off the structure and routine that school gives to your little life.  Don’t worry, there is still more Sass in you than I can handle most days, but I am trying to embrace it and remember that it probably just means you will be successful in everything you do!  We love you more than words, and  are proud of you every single day.

Birthday princess
Birthday princess
She had to have a princess cake- luckily Daddy was able to draw/cut the cake!
She had to have a princess cake- luckily Daddy was able to draw/cut the cake!
Every girl loves a box like that ;)
Every girl loves a box like that 😉

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