Let’s Go Royals!

The last time the Royals won the World Series was 1985… I was 4 months old.  Growing up I was never really a baseball fan.  I remember going to a Royals baseball game in high school and thinking it was quite possibly one of the worst things in the world.  The Royals just weren’t any good and therefore, admittedly, I just wasn’t into it.  Can you blame me?!

Then, I moved to St. Louis in 2003 and was introduced to the St. Louis Cardinals.  Even the first Cardinals game I went to (in the “Old Busch”) was boring to me, but I’ll never forget the crazy cheers for “Rolen” and thinking that the energy in the stadium was pretty fun.  A couple of years after living in STL my best friend, Kara, invited me to go to a few games in her bleacher seats and my fate was sealed…  I love baseball.  I spent several years in College attending Cardinals Opening Day festivities (never actually making inside the stadium for Opening Day), went to numerous baseball games, ate more nachos than I care to admit, and sipped “big beers” through straws at Busch.  We attended playoff games, ran into the stadium after the Cards won the World Series in 2006, bought more Cardinals gear than necessary, and cheered them on to another WS win just a few weeks after welcoming Shae in 2011.  I am a Cardinals fan, despite growing up in KC.

2006 World Series Champions!
2006 World Series Champions!
"Mom, I look ridiculous"
“Mom- don’t you know I look ridiculous?!”

Clint and I have lived back in KC for almost 7 years now, and we haven’t made it back to Busch for a game yet.  We’ve taken the kids to play at Ballpark Village, and point out the Stadium every time we drive by on our way to Evansville.  Our kids own Cardinals gear, but there is just no way to pass on our love of Cardinal baseball when we live in KC.  For this exact reason I am now a Royals fan too.

I know there are people out there that would call me a “bandwagon fan”, and you know what? I’m 100% ok with that!! I didn’t fall in love with baseball because of the Royals, but I sure hope that my kids fall in love with baseball because of them.  The energy in Kansas City during baseball season for the past 2 years is amazing.  It feels like STL always did in the Fall while I was there, and there is no way to not absolutely love it!  I love staying up late to watch October baseball.  I love having “Royals day” at preschool.  I love that my kids have their favorite baseball players on the Royals team. I love keeping up with a baseball team and their playoff chances.  And theres no way to have all of those feelings except for with your hometown team.

My first team will always be the Cardinals, but I will always cheer for the Royals too (as long as they aren’t playing my Redbirds).  And I hope our kids can learn to love baseball like we do, and they can pick whichever team they choose!

2015 will be a year that will go down in Kansas City history because of the Royals.  So when the World Series parade was scheduled I just knew that I had to take my kids, just as my Mom had taken my brother and I 30 years ago.  The parade turned out around 800,000 people, and we could not have gotten luckier with how our experience went.

 My mom, her cousin Lisa, the kids and I all packed into the Suburban and left our house around 9:15.  We hit crazy traffic on 71 Hwy and took backstreets to reach downtown around 10:30.  We completely lucked out with a free parking spot on 17th and Oak thanks to my Mom’s friend Ann and her wonderful brother John.  Then our amazing neighbors saved us a front row seat outside The Cashew on the parade route (20th and Grand).  I mean seriously? Someone was on our side that day.

Found our parking spot and off we go to find the Krums!
Found our parking spot and off we go to find the Krums!

The kids absolutely loved all of the excitement of the parade.  Hearing August randomly cheer “Let’s go Royals” at the top of his lungs just made my heart so happy!  I teared up when I saw Zobrist and his wife go by (there’s just something about a pregnant mama that gets me every time).  I felt pride and giddy excitement seeing the Clydesdales walk by.  I laughed at Shae’s face when she realized Hosmer was right there!

Shae and her bestie
Shae and her bestie Kinley
This little man is just too much cute
This little man is just too much cute to handle
A had the best seat in the house
August had the best seat in the house
E just wanted to be IN the parade, and of course his Lyssa would let him ;)
E just wanted to be IN the parade, and of course his Miss Lyssa would let him 😉
Love these girlies!
Love these girlies!
So excited
So excited
Their favorite players- "Moose" and "Salby" respectively
Their favorite players- “Moose” and “Salby” respectively
I held him up for a good part of the parade and I'm still sore (3 days later...)
I held him up for a good part of the parade and I’m still sore (3 days later…)
Strong selfie game pre-parade
Strong selfie game pre-parade

 I will never forget that day, and I hope that there are many more years of wonderful fall baseball in KC!  And maybe even a rematch of the 1985 I-70 series in the years to come?!


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