Trees, Trains and Tons of fun!

My poor neglected blog… I wish I sat down and typed out more of these little posts, but to be honest we haven’t been doing much out of the “ordinary”, and I’m simply no good at making my “ordinary” interesting enough to read… So infrequent blog posts it is!

This morning I packed up my crew and headed down to Union Station, 8 days before Christmas! I had been wanting to do this since Thanksgiving but just hadn’t gotten it done yet and with all of the schools getting out this week I knew it was now or never.  We left our house pretty early and were down there about 9:15- a full 45 minutes before anything really opened.  It was perfect for us because there were no crowds and the kids could explore without me being too anxious.

They LOVED the massive Christmas tree- especially Emmett which was surprising to me.  He kept saying “ball” for the ornaments… this kid has a mild obsession with anything that can be thrown or kicked.

IMG_5817 IMG_5823

Next we had a dance party in the open exhibit hall of Union Station… Shae truly thought she was a princess in a castle.

The model trains were amazing, and I wish we would have spent some more time with the trains because the kids were totally amazed by them- they were pretty cool.  Shae and August rode the mini-train around… Emmett was definitely not daring enougnh to try which was fine by me and saved me $5!

These trains are awesome!
These trains are awesome!


After this I realized that the big train, the “Holiday Express” (thats only in town from Dec 16-20th) didn’t open until 12pm so we definitely weren’t going to wait around for that.  We decided to venture over to Crown Center to see if Santa was there.  I had no idea what to expect, but with the Sky Link it was a pretty easy walk over and we found Santa pretty quickly and only had 3 people in front of us in line!  Major plus for going down early on a weekday.


After Santa we headed back to Union Station and listened to a few different groups of Carolers… Shae was obsessed because she absolutely loved every second of preforming in her own music program so I could tell she was just dying to be up there singing along too.


On our way out we walked up to the big real trains to get a closer look, and the kids were pretty impressed with real live trains up close.


Overall, the day was a smashing success!  I lost our parking ticket (ugh! of course I did!) which was really the only hiccup- I’ll call it a win.  I hope to make another trip down next year…. traditions in the making right here folks!

They all slept the whole way home which means no naps at the Gallaghers today :(
They all slept the whole way home which means no naps at the Gallaghers today 😦

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