Emmett- 18 months

Oh sweet, ornery Emmett… You are a whole lotta personality in one little 18 month old.  You are strong-willed and defiant to say the least.


Height: 31.25 inches (15%)

Weight: 24lbs 2oz (50%)

Emmett eats anything you put in front of him- favorites are meat and “cook-cook’s” (i.e. any type of cookie he can get his hands on)


Sleeping is still not one of Emmett’s strong points.  He sleeps most nights from 7:30-6:30 and will occasionally (like 1x every other month) sleep past 7.  Usually 1 cat nap in the car in the morning and an hour and a half nap in the afternoon while the big kids nap/rest.  If he wakes up in the middle of the night or the middle of a nap its over- the kid can scream with the best of them and shows his strong-will often.  He doesn’t have the best self-soothing techniques- we’re working on it

When Emmett is tired or hungry (which seems to be most of the time) you can find him doing this:

IMG_6210 IMG_6402 IMG_6207 IMG_6211

The only thing that helps with these meltdowns is food- Beef jerky was a crowd favorite during a particular Target meltdown last week


Emmett’s favorite things conveniently happen to be his big brother and sister.  He absolutely loves playing with them and is the perfect little addition to the “Gallagher Team” as they like to be called.  He also loves to steal their toys and run away as they scream bloody murder at him- typical 2nd child.

Duck Duck Goose with A

Overall we are totally enjoying this 18 month stage of increasing independence, even though we know it comes with increasing opinions.  Its so fun to watch his little BIG personality emerge day by day.



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