Steamboat 2016

The last time I was in Steamboat Springs, CO looked like this:


Needless to say this trip was just a bit different…. although there was still plenty of beer drinking involved!

When we started discussing our Mitts Family Ski Trip for 2016 I immediately recommended Steamboat, because it has always been one of my favorite places to ski. Steamboat is a couple hours further into Colorado so it is definitely harder to get to, but in my opinion it is completely worth it for the amazing skiing!

Helping Mama pack for the mountains!

The town of Steamboat doesn’t have the same feel as Breckenridge or Park City (the last two ski towns I’ve been to), but I love just hanging at the condo after a long day of amazing ski conditions so that was just fine with me!  We did go into town 1 night for dinner and another night for some shopping- August had to get a Cowboy hat in Colorado of course!

Cowboy August- yeehaw!

We drove out to Colorado on a Saturday and flew Emmett and my Mom to Denver. (E flies free and is AWFUL in the car so this was definitely the best decision we made for the trip).  It took about 12 hours with a stop at the Denver airport and a Walgreens (to pick up amoxicillin) in Denver. Shae woke up Saturday morning with an ear infection- typical.

Colorado here we come! (and thank you Chik-fil-a)

We signed Shae and August up for ski school on Sunday and they both seemed to really enjoy it.  They were able to ski quite a bit on the beginner hill and were able to independently ride the magic carpet by the end of it.  Their favorite part was riding the gondola with their class- Shae felt extra special because she got to ride TWO times!  It was pretty cute- but they definitely didn’t learn too many skills this time.  I think if we lived in Colorado they could learn a bit more, but honestly they probably aren’t old enough/strong enough quite yet to do the “ski once a year” thing.

Getting fit for skis
All ready for ski school!
The whole crew on our way out for the first day of skiing
Ski school
What a goof! On the walk home from Ski school
August loves Steamboat-  just like his Mama

My Mom doesn’t care to ski so she hung back with Emmett on Sunday (and all 3 kids the other days), while the rest of us were able to ski 3 full days  It was truly some of the best skiing of my life.  The snow started on Sunday during the day and we had about 12 inches of fresh powder by Monday morning.  Monday and Tuesday were both gorgeous days on the mountain, but skiing 3 days in a row is not for the faint of heart.

Apparently this is what Nana and the Kids did while we were skiing
And this…
This girl L.O.V.E.D the snow!
It just doesn’t get much better than this
Can’t wait to reenact this in the coming years 😉
Climbing to the top of the “mountain” aka the snow bank outside the condo back door
Shae learned how to change diapers- this may come in handy someday 😉
12 inches of fresh powder- stunning
Riding down in the gondola with Nana and Papa


One of my favorite things is seeing this kid in snow gear
He loved the snow too!
I love that he shares my love for skiing!


I think he gets it from his Papa….

Half of the crew decided to head home and drive through the night on Tuesday, but since Mom and Emmett’s flight wasn’t scheduled until Wednesday afternoon we decided to stick to the original plan and left Steamboat first thing Wednesday morning.  The drive took 11 hours and 15 minutes, including a quick drop-off at the Denver airport.  Shae and August were amazing in the car and pretty much just watched movies and colored all day.  I think the fact that we had done 2 long drives to Indiana in the past several months really helped things.

Tips for a long car ride with small children: LOTS of snacks (and extra ziplock baggies to put them in), plenty of movies, iPads (even if they’re watching the same movie they like to switch it up and watch on the iPad vs the DVD player), pull-ups, coloring books, sticker books ($1 spot at Target), Magnatiles (better in the car than I would have thought), Water pens (for the 18 month old).

While I won’t be putting my kids in the car for another long road trip/vacation anytime soon, this trip was amazing! The best part about it was having my family around- #1 because we couldn’t have done it without them and #2 because it was so fun to spend so much time together (or at least I thought so 😉 )


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