Kitchen Remodel

Finally… we are finally done with the kitchen. We started on exactly 1/3/2015 and (kind of) finished on 10/3/2015… that is 10 MONTHS people!  Clint would say we “took time off” to enjoy summer- which we did.  But still- 10 months!  We started the project saying we would just paint the kitchen cabinets and call it quits, and that most definitely didn’t happen.  Heres the “quick” run down…


We painted the kitchen cabinets with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in “Old White”. (KC Friends- I recommend going to Bella B Decor, they were incredibly helpful and have all of the products on hand!)  It took four coats of paint and then a coat of wax to cover up the dark wood- but the only prep required was wiping down the cabinets rather than sanding, priming, etc.  It took a solid 4 months to finish the painting, and then we took a good long break.

Painting in progress
Painting in progress

***Special note: After the fact we found out about General Finishes and apparently it works just as good as the wax to seal and is a million times faster.  We used it on our headboard and it was very easy to work with***

Next up was buying the appliances.  We ended up searching the city’s “scratch and dent” selection and bought Electrolux gas/electric cooktop and double oven (love) from Sears outlet, Electrolux over range microwave from a different Sears outlet, and Jenn-Air dishwasher from Nebraska Furniture Mart back room.

We ran a gas line to the cooktop and I'm so glad we did!
We ran a gas line to the cooktop and I’m so glad we did!

The kitchen sink was a huge decision.  We were both sure we wanted a farmhouse sink with a single basin.  But then we were stuck about what kind of material.  The porcelain and fireclay sinks were really pretty, but I was totally stuck on a copper sink.  So we found one from Lowes (found again here on Amazon) and after weeks of researching and debating thats the one we ended up with.


Granite was next and we looked at least 5 different times and finally settled on River White– which I love!

Granite and kitchen faucet
Granite and kitchen faucet

Clint had a great idea to not put granite on the island, but instead to buy a butcher block and use a router on the edge to finish it.  We saved some money by going this route and I absolutely love the outcome!


After all of this was purchased and installed (another couple months), we decided that the backsplash had to go… It was initially going to just stay but it really stuck out like an eyesore after all of the other changes.  We loved the split faced look, and Clint spent countless hours searching the internet for just the right look.  We ended up ordering this one from Amazon which was a little scary, but again I love it!


We needed a new light fixture for above the kitchen table and fell in love with this one at Wilson Lighting, but found it on sale on Home Depot online.


Last step was to paint the kitchen walls.  With the cabinets being a little more yellow, and the granite being amore grey we needed something to tie them both together.  Enter- Windfresh White.  But of course it couldn’t be simple… we had to have 125% of Windfresh White from Sherwin Williams.  It did end up being pretty perfect!

SO after 10 extremely long months, with lots of late nights painting or researching or tiling- we are done (mostly).  I am so pleased with how everything turned out, and it makes all of the hard work completely worth it!


***Affiliate links provided, for some of them I will receive a small compensation if you purchase using my link***

Hopefully the kitchen table will be done in the next few days and I’ll make sure to get a post done about that ASAP!


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