Emmett- 2 years

I’m back at it! Between the end of summer blues, being President of the Mothers of Young Children group at church, starting preschool, and working my small side jobs I’ve been just a bit distracted from the blog!  I wanted to make sure I get some of these memories written down so sorry if I bombard you…IMG_0622.jpg

Emmett turned 2 on 7/16/16, which also happened to be one of my best friends weddings!  So Clint and I were actually out of town on E’s birthday, but I don’t think he minded with all of the extra attention from both set of grandparents 😉

Thats one way to eat a cupcake…

Emmett’s 2 year well visit went well other than still noting an astigmatism on one of his eyes so I’m getting him into an eye dr soon- more to follow!  He also had a follow up with urology for his kidneys and all looked good on his ultrasound so we were told to come back when he turns 12 (like I’ll actually remember to schedule that!)

Getting Blood Pressure taken at Urologist


Weight: 28 lbs (50%)

Height: 35 inches (50%)

Emmett’s speech is pretty good these days.  He’s talking in broken sentences which are always hilarious.  Favorite line is “sure, that’s fine”

E potty trained a little before his 2nd birthday, but he was by far the hardest of the 3 to train.  I think a lot of it has to do with me not being as consistent, but he is also quite a bit more stubborn than August, and not as willing to please as Shae.

Emmett is a little bit pickier eater than his big siblings.  He’s weird about sandwiches and doesn’t like to eat the crust (he gets it honest from his mama). He loves meats just like his big brother, especially meatballs and chicken nuggets.  He doesn’t love milk as much as the other two either, but he sure will guzzle an entire glass of “goose” (juice).

E is finally a decent sleeper. He will easily sleep all night and takes between 2-3 hour nap 1 time a day.  He will fall asleep anywhere, especially on the boat or in his carseat which is sometimes a problem when we are headed home right around nap time… Shae spends a good of time bugging him to keep him awake for me- one of the only good times that they all sit so close to each other in the car.

Boat nap
Pre- car nap

Emmett can throw a fit with the best of them… as evidenced by the meltdown he just had after waking up from nap. He is definitely not easy to soothe- never has been! He’s one of those kids that will scream for you to pick him up and the second you pick him up he screams for you to put him down… sure can make my blood boil somedays!


Overall, Emmett is a sweet, ornery, hilarious little dude!  I absolutely can’t imagine my life without him, and the dynamic among siblings would be oh so different without Emmett always tagging along.  Can’t wait for year #3 (ok so maybe I can wait… Emmett at 3 will surely be an experience!)

SO much personality in this little man

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