Summer 2016

One of the best. summers. ever.  Seriously, I’m not sure Summer 2016 will be able to be topped!! We had an absolute blast with tons of travel, more trips to the pool than I can count, and plenty of lake time too! I’ll let the pictures and videos do most of the talking!

Kicked off summer with our annual Steeplechase Block Party hosted at our house.  We had a blast as always, and this year Clint was here to enjoy the fun too!


Bringing the Jeep home for the Summer is always a family favorite (or maybe mostly a Clint favorite)IMG_1846.jpg

A First pedi and Beach vacation for the books!

Beers and Boats was a big theme for the summer…. Lots and lots of beers 😉

We also did a ton of swimming at the neighborhood pool and the kids came a long way in their swimming skills!

Now we are back to school and getting into a routine… how did it get SO busy SO quickly?! More posts to come…




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