Noah’s Bandage Project

I’ve never done a “link-up post” before, but when a friend posted this one I knew God was telling me I needed to share this story and promote this wonderful way to give back.

If you live in Kansas City you have likely heard of Noah Wilson and his wonderful “bandage project”.  Noah was 6 years old when he was diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, and he fought a hard fight for 14 months, but unfortunately was taken too soon and passed away on June 30th 2015.  Noah accomplished more in his time on earth than many people do in a lifetime, and I absolutely love that his legacy continues to live on in this amazing way. Here’s his story (grab the tissues first!):

My first full-time Job out of PT school was at Children’s Mercy Hospital (the hospital  Noah was at), and my absolute favorite unit was 4Henson- hematology/oncology.  I worked at CMH for about 18 months and those months were some of the most challenging and rewarding of my entire life.  I spent countless hours on 4 Henson helping those kiddos through their cancer treatments by promoting exercise (something they didn’t always want to do!), and rehabbing them from the numerous ways chemo/radiation and Bone Marrow Transplants can wreck havoc on little bodies. While there I met so many families who were fighting the hard fight of pediatric cancer, and let me tell you- it is completely life changing.

I have never been so humbled as I was sitting in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit holding a 6 year old boy while his Mom grabbed a bite to eat, just days before he passed away.  Those memories and families will remain with me forever, and pediatric cancer will always be a passion of mine.  I have so many moments that I wish I could have turned my emotions down a bit and continued to work at CMH, and specifically on 4Henson, but it was not meant to be for me at that point in my life.

But Noah’s bandage project, now that is something that my emotions can handle.  These kiddos have had their lives turned upside down, and if something like a band-aid can make their day a little brighter then they deserve whatever band-aid their little hearts desire!  There are tons of ways to donate to  Noah’s Bandage Project- not just band-aids.  Here are a few options:

If you’d like to send bandaids directly to NBP here is the address:

Noah’s Bandage Project
119 N Parker Street Suite 110
Olathe, KS 66061

Or, check out Noah’s Bandage Project Website to make a monetary donation



2 thoughts on “Noah’s Bandage Project

  1. I love reading the different takes/blog posts on this cause, but yours might be my favorite! I felt as if I was sitting right there with you in the hospital with that little boy; yet I just can’t even imagine what that must have been like. I am heartbroken for all the families who have had to fight this horrible disease, especially when it’s one of their kiddos. I love that we can all help with something as simple as sending bandaids for all of the well-deserving kids!


    • You’re so sweet! It was the most rewarding job ever, but also the most challenging and I definitely wasn’t able to separate work and life at that point of my life. Love organizations like NBP that are working on raising awareness for pediatric cancer research!


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