Halloween 2016

Another year and another themed Halloween for the Gallaghers… I’m already trying to figure out what I can do next year to get them to agree to going as a theme just one. more. year.

Shae is always extremely excited to be any sort of princess, August adores fish, and Emmett is still young enough he can be talked into anything (plus hearing him say “Sebastian” was the cutest thing ever!).  The Little Mermaid theme worked out great for Halloween 2016- but somebody remind me to start working on their costumes in July next year…

I think the kids were in their costumes 5 or 6 times this year, with Clints work party, the MOYC Nursing Home trick or treating, school parties, and actual Halloween!  Luckily I’ve learned more each year and made the costumes easier to put on/take off.  I also have tried to make the costumes pretty warm the last few years (I learned the hard way early on), but of course this year it was in the 70s on Halloween! The poor boys were a little sweaty int heir head to toe fleece, but it didn’t slow them down while running around the neighborhood. Halloween seems to get more fun every year around our house!

Annual Picture at Clint’s desk:


Fun at the Burns and Mac Halloween party!


This kid kills me


August’s favorite pose in his Flounder costume (always a little shake of the tail 😉 )




So excited to be Sebastian!


So happy surrounded by her brothers (its not always this way- I promise)





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