Go Chiefs!

There is really only one Kansas City team that I am a life-long fan of… the Chiefs.  They have never been a fantastic team, but through good and bad I’ve always loved them.  I remember going to college and bringing my Chiefs jersey and watching games with Bengals fans (yuck) as we got killed and still being so proud to be a Chiefs fan. When Clint and I started dating I quickly realized that he didn’t have a NFL team (he grew up more of a college football fain- Boiler up!).  I quickly converted him to a Chiefs fan and I don’t think he ever looked back.

I’m thrilled that our kids are getting to grow up being Chiefs fans too!  They are just starting to understand the differences between football and baseball so I know their love of the Chiefs is only just beginning.

This year we have been lucky enough to take both Shae and August to a game at Arrowhead, and they both loved every minute.  Being at Arrowhead is truly an amazing experience and one that I hope they both love and appreciate as they grow up!



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