Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone, which means Christmas is right around the corner!  WE traveled to Indiana again this year for Thanksgiving and as always we had a great time catching up with family and friends.

I told Clint that this year was the first time since before Shae was born that I remember traveling to Indiana and not being completely overwhelmed and sleep deprived.  The first time we traveled to Indiana with kids was when Shae was 6 weeks old, and I literally remember bringing every piece of baby equipment that we owned…. our car was completely packed down and I was beyond sleep deprived.  This time we packed some clothes in bags for about 45 minutes the night before we left and off we went!  Life with kids truly did get easier as time went on and I started to get the hang of things (and once I stopped worrying soooo much about the small stuff!)

We drove in Wednesday leaving around 7:45am (after a quick stop at Starbucks of course!) and made it to Evansville in about 6 hours without stops…. Stopping just seems like way more work than its worth and the kids are kind of used to just driving straight through so its the way to go for us!  Wednesday we just hung out with family, and enjoyed our favorite pizza- Turonis!

Thursday was another relaxing day (for me).  My mother in law outdoes herself every year and did a lot of the cooking/prep work ahead of time and put in a ton more effort on Thanksgiving Day to make a delicious Thanksgiving feast! Always one of my favorite meals of the year 😉 Pops and Clint took the kids for the annual rocket launch.  Apparently it was successful but I decided to sit this year out and stayed home to enjoy some quiet time to myself!


The best family shot we could get
Selfie with my girl

Clint, Shawn and August went musky fishing on Friday and August “helped” Pops catch a musky- August’s first!  And by help I mean he sat in the boat and ate snacks and drank (spilled) hot chocolate.  I think all 3 boys had the best day ever


Friday night Clint and I enjoyed a great night out with old friends.  Its always so nice to get back to Indiana and catch up with all of Clints high school friends.  After all these years they feel like family to me too

Saturday was another low key day. We visited the Rudolphs and let the kids play in their backyard and rested up for the drive home Sunday!

Amazing the difference 5 years makes!

Sunday we had another uneventful drive home, and then straight back to the grind! We stopped a mile from our house to pick up our Christmas tree, got it set up and (mostly) decorated, and then Clint flew out for a work trip Monday!  Nothing like chaos to keep us finding a way to win.


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