Christmas 2016

This year we started celebrating Christmas as soon as we got back to KC from Evansville! Ok, actually we started before, because I had most of my decorating before we left home for Thanksgiving… I loved coming home to a decorated house and we even picked up our tree on our drive in (literally straight from Indiana to the Christmas tree lot near our house).


The big kids had their Christmas program the first week of December and it couldn’t have been more adorable! Last year only Shae was able to participate in the Christmas program for preschool so it was great getting to see both kiddos up there performing- and oh boy did August perform 😉


Clints Christmas party was a big celebration this year because the current CEO is retiring so the company threw a huge party… I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many engineers in one room.


We stayed home this year for Christmas so we were able to go to Christmas Eve Mass at St. Michaels which is so special to us now that it has become our second home!  We had my parents over for dinner that evening and made sure to get to bed on time so Santa could come!


Christmas Day the kids were up and at ’em and we had a great relaxing day at home complete with monkey bread, PJs all day, and lots of quality family time.


Here are the other random “Christmas time pics”


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