Shae- 5 years

(I’m about 4 months late here but I swear this was written about 3 months ago- making the blog a higher priority in the coming year ūüėČ )

5 years ago we were just beginning this amazing journey with our sweet 5 lb baby girl, and what a whirlwind of a journey it has been. ¬†I could have never predicted where we would be 5 years after the birth of our sweet Shae Mary, and I could have never dreamed¬†for anything more. Its hard to even remember back to Shae’s newborn days because they truly feel like a lifetime ago.


Shae is the sweetest gift and she has challenged me to become a better version of myself since the day she was born. ¬†She is a teacher, a listener, and a rule follower. ¬†She adores playing with her brothers- as long as they play exactly what she wants and how she wants, of course. ¬†She loves school and learning, and can’t wait for the day when she will finally get to go to school all day every day. ¬†She has a quiet and reserved personality, especially when I see her interact with her peers in a school or play setting. ¬†But at home, oh my, this girl has a big personality at home. ¬†She is stubborn and opinionated, strong-willed in the truest sense of the word. ¬†Some days I’m just not sure how we are going to survive her, and the next moment I just want to eat her up!

For Shae’s 5th birthday she was fortunate¬†enough to be a flower girl in my best friend’s wedding- and what a blessed day¬†that was. ¬†Kara was the friend that introduced Clint and I, the one who quite literally forced us together, and I will be forever grateful to her for that. ¬†To have Shae as a part of Kara’s special day was an amazing thing, and to celebrate the gift of Shae’s life 5 years ago on the same day was truly special, and a day I will never ever forget.


I wanted to start including Shae more in the writing of this blog, as I’ve always wanted the blog to be full of memories for our family to share for years to come (not to mention I’ve had MAJOR writers block every time I’ve sat down to write lately). So here are Shae’s answers to a few questions at 5 years old:

Favorite food? Black olives, pasta

Favorite thing to do? Art, go to gymnastics

Favorite color? Pink and Purple and Red and Blue

Favorite outfit? Flower girl dress

Best part about school? Craft Time

Shae Mary-

I love you more than you will ever know. Every day I¬†want you to¬†know how treasured¬†you are, but I also want you to never take¬†anything God gave you for granted. ¬†Always remain respectful of others and never forget to have fun in life too! ¬†One of our¬†favorite songs right now is titled “Humble and Kind” and those two words¬†carry so much responsibility. ¬†Don’t ever forget that Mommy and Daddy are here for you, even when you feel like we aren’t on the same team-¬†I promise we will always be your biggest supporters and truest fans. ¬†Dream big baby girl, you can do anything or be anything that you chose. ¬†Work hard and never ever give up! Lots of love,



PS I came across Shae’s 1 year video… so so glad I made these!



2 thoughts on “Shae- 5 years

  1. What a treat it is to read the stories and enjoy the videos of Shae and the boys. They will treasure these treasures all their lives. I bet they already like to look at the pictures all the time.
    We are hard at work with our downsizing project. It has been a very difficult and frustrating task. Things are popping along at our soon to be home, but clearing out this house where we have been for 40 years is bittersweet – but no more yard to
    Keep (we are moving into a zero
    Lot area and a house just 9 years old instead of 80 plus will be so much easier.
    Again, I enjoyed the GALLAGHER Family of Five and love tracking your beautiful family.


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