Resurrecting the blog


I decided that I need some motivation to keep this blog going for these 3 and their memories since there is no possibility of baby books for any of them… so I’m going to attempt to post 1x/week and just keep it simple. I always love reading “5 on Friday” posts that just have 5 random things so I’m going to just try to start there… wish me luck!

1. My Mom randomly bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas and I think it is easily one of my favorite gifts EVER… I think I’ve read 7 books in the last month which means I’ve put off a lot of my adulting responsibilities and stayed up far too late too many nights. My favorite book so far though is definitely November 9 by Colleen Hoover… I read it in under 24 hours because I just couldn’t put it down. I may try to do a book review post if I keep up the reading- but for now if you’re looking for a good book start with November 9- you won’t regret it!

2. Bar Method. It has truly changed my life. I struggled with back pain since my pregnancy with Shae and I always struggle with committing to a workout plan. I’ve been going to Bar Method consistently for over a year and I am addicted (in the best kind of way). Bar allows me a safe way to increase my core strength which helps to protect my back as well as providing a whole body workout creating long and lean muscles.  Its not a workout where I need to run and jump in the shower after so I can easily run errands once I leave, and I rarely ever dread going which his huge for me! I really can’t say enough good things about Bar Method so if you have one in your area I would definitely recommend trying it out. And if you’re in KC I have some free passes and would love for you to join me!

Pretending to be a real life ballerina- although I am FAR from it considering I can’t even bend over touch my toes 😉

3.  We are gutting our master bathroom- finally!!  We’ve been our house almost 4 years and the master bath has needed an update the whole time so I’m so excited that we are finally able to get it done!  My brother and his guys are helping us, but we are also going to try to do a good amount of it by ourselves to save money.  Will hopefully be able to do a whole post on it sooner than later… but for now heres a before and a pic of the marble/tile we are going to use!

4. Has anyone ever been to Disneyland?!  We are thinking of a last minute “pre-Spring Break” trip and want to steer clear of Zika so we are thinking of California… any suggestions?!  I’ve never been one that is dying to go to Disney, but maybe we should do it?! Would love any insight- especially specific to DisneyLAND! The kids are 5,4, and 2.5 so I’m nervous that its going to just be too overwhelming and I definitely don’t want to spend a bunch of money and have it be a bust…

5. I took Shae to Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago for their shoe tying class.  I felt like she was getting close to being ready to learn how to tie her shoes and I’d heard great things about the class.  It was really informative and gave a good starting point but I think she was one of the youngest at not quite 5.5 and she didn’t pick it up as well as some of the older kids.  Also, she’s a lefty so I honestly had a hard time trying to teach her!  They do use this nifty little thing which I think helps at first, but only until they figure out the”loops”.


Fingers crossed I’ll be back with another post next week- and maybe it will be more exciting… maybe!


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