This week has been a little crazier than anticipated- Clint had a last minute work trip come up, and when I say last minute I mean he booked the flights at 8am Wednesday and flew out of MCI at 2:45pm Wednesday… that would stress me out!

Funny side story- I asked August to get me a beer on Wednesday (single parenting is rough) and he came up with 2 and said “Here’s 2, one for now and one for after dinner”- good call son!

Here are 5 things for this week:

1)  We started demo on our Master bathroom last week so it was a busy weekend full of tiling and we’ve continued to make some progress this week.  Hoping to knock out the shower tile this weekend so we can get measured for the glass doors… I’m ready to have my own shower back!

2)  I was randomly looking at the blog last week and remembered that I made 1 year videos for Shae and August so the kids and I watched them one afternoon.  August was literally in tears watching his and then Emmett said “now my turn!”… uh oh.  So I had the worst Mom guilt and after watching Shae and August’s I knew I wanted to make E one too.  It took about 4 hours total time to make but I’m SOOO glad I did it… I doubt I will make these for any year after their 1st, but maybe I should make a family one for each year?! We will see how that turns out (don’t hold your breath).

  3) After I snapped about August crying during his video (the sweetest thing ever!) I had several friends ask how I made the videos so I did a quick tutorial on Snapchat.  I uploaded the tutorial here too- not very fancy but hopefully it will teach someone how to do this because I promise the videos are worth the time! Let me know if you’re making one and have questions (I may or may not be able to help!?).

4)  Skinnytaste. How did I never hear about this wonderful resource before a month ago?! I bought the cookbook off Amazon after tons of my favorite bloggers mentioned it and it is amazing. I actually really love to cook but I don’t like getting too fancy and I won’t cook separate meals for my kids so this has been a great cookbook for me! So far I’ve made the chicken enchiladas, the oven fried chicken, and the turkey stuffed peppers.  I have a list of the next things I want to try (including the shrimp and grits, buffalo melts, and all the salads- yumm!)

5) Since last weeks post I officially booked our trip to Disneyland!  This is such a random thing for us but I am SO SO excited.  We haven’t told the kids yet, but I’m thinking of doing something fun for Valentines Day and telling them then.  We leave the morning of August’s 4th birthday so it is surely going to be a special trip for all.  Send any favorite rides or must-dos my way! (I’m not usually one to buy Disney gear but I think Shae has to have this)






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