Pregnancy #4

I have yet to blog about this pregnancy at all! And while I doubt I’ll do even a monthly post I do want to write down a few things for my own memory….

We found out we were pregnant with Baby G #4 on March 16th- the day before St. Patty’s Day.  After my miscarriage in mid-January I was extremely anxious for the first month or two but that didn’t stop me from telling family/friends our exciting news.  I was definitely more cautious and tried not to get my hopes up, but I was really hopeful that this pregnancy would not end in miscarriage.

IMG_3430 2
They had no idea the little secret we were keeping from them 😉

We waited until about 8 weeks to tell the kids about the baby.  We probably should have waited a little longer but at the same time I was telling people and I didn’t want them to find out from anyone but us.  I knew once we told the kids it would be pretty public knowledge at least within our St. Michaels church/school community, and thats definitely what happened.  I had a lot of the kids teachers coming up to me and carefully asking  “uhhh I’m not sure if we are supposed to know this or not but…CONGRATS!” It was pretty sweet that Shae and August got to share the news, because you could just tell how excited and proud they were from the very beginning.


This pregnancy has overall been my easiest so far.  I’ve been super tired and had the normal pregnancy complaints: heartburn, back pain, fatigue, but overall nothing too crazy and I’ve been embracing it much much more than I ever have before!  I felt like it was a girl from pretty early on because I’ve been craving sweets, carbs and any kind of meat still makes me nauseous!

I’ve definitely indulged in a few more of these than probably necessary 😉

I’m definitely missing my normal clothes, pre-pregnancy body, and adult beverages (especially in the summer!), but I know that it will be over before I know it so I’m trying to not wish this pregnancy away which I think I’ve done too much in the past.

We found out the gender on July 5th and I was so excited to tell the kids… We also found out on July 5th that this baby has something called EIF (echogenic intracardiac foci) which is a “soft marker” for chromosomal abnormalities.  This definitely took a little bit of the excitement out of the day and gender reveal, but I went on as if everything was typical because there was no reason to not continue to be excited for our sweet baby GIRL!

 When we first found out about the EIF I was a little stunned but took it all in stride and tried to not stress or focus on it too much.  We are going in for a level 2 ultrasound tomorrow (July 19th) and I will be honest- I’ve been incredibly emotional in the past few days.  I am scared and nervous.  There is absolutely nothing to do about the possibility of our baby not being typical, but the thought is definitely daunting.  Having grown up with an older brother with a chromosomal abnormality I know firsthand how life changing this would be for our family.  I also know firsthand that this would not be a horrible awful thing.  It would be an incredible challenge and an incredible blessing.  I know I am up for whatever God gives me- I am just more than ready for a few more answers!


If there are any extra prayers out there tonight we would love a few for our sweet babe!  I’m not even sure what exactly I’m praying for right now, but I think the best way to describe it is just strength and grace no matter what we find or don’t find tomorrow.


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